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Yes, in Chess this move is possible just as long nothing is protecting (infront,side) of the black rook.

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Q: In chess can the white rook take the black rook?
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Can you take a queen with a rook in chess?

You may capture a queen with any piece, be it a rook, a pawn, or even a king.

How are the chess pieces put on the board?

Take sure that a white square is in the lower right of the board first. Then place a rook (a.k.a. castle) in that square. On the adjacent black square next to the rook, place a knight, next to that a bishop, then, if you are playing as white, place the king, or if you are playing as black, place your queen. Remember, the queen always is placed on the same color as you are playing. (The black queen on a black square, and the white on white.) Then place the white king next to the white queen, and the black king next to the black queen. Complete the back row with bishop, knight, then rook. On the second row place all eight pawns. Go to the link for help.

How to checkmate whites king with only a black rook?

Use your rook and king to pin the white king into a corner. it may take awhile but you'll figure it out.

What chess piece did Hermione Granger take the place of?

In chess how many spaces can a rook move?

The rook can move 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 squares right or left or up and down the board.Not quite. A rook can never move eight squares. If the rook begins at one end of a rank or file a move of seven squares will take it to the other end.

What are the minimum number of moves for checkmate in chess?

For black, two; for white it would take three to get the parallel position.

A white horse jumped over a tower and landed on a priest who immediately disappered from the landscape. Where did this take place?

chess board?

Can the king capture a rook while the rook is checking the king?

If a king is placed in check by a rook and the rook is unprotected, they yes, the king can capture it. Another way to view the situation is that if a rook is used to put a king in check and the king will not end up in check by capturing that rook, then the king may take the rook.

What are a few tips on how win a game of chess?

Here are some that my chess teacher would always tell me: -Castling is a good option in chess (google it if you don't know how) -Always check your checks and watch out for the queen and bishop especially. - Move out your bishops and knights in the start of the game -Never open up your rook side or bring your rook out in the start of the game. - Don't bring out your queen too early either. - You don't need to move quickly even the grandmasters take time to think.

Can a pawn take a rook?

In a heart beat

How many steps can a pawn take in chess?

The first move for the pawn can be either one or two spaces forward. Pawns attack diagonal only forward and when they get to the other side they can turn into a queen, rook, knight, or bishop.

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