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how your body moves

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arm movements and positions

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Q: In cheerleading what do motions refer to?
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How many hand motions are there in cheerleading?

Cheerleading uses a wide range of body and hand motions. There are likely more than 100 different hand motions and movements used in this popular sport.

What is required to pull together a cheerleading team?

stunts, jumps, cheers, chants, dance, motions, etc.

What word refer to the word cheerleading?

Spirit, squad, cheer, pep

What are the most common motions in cheerleading?

a high "v", low "v", dagger,broken "T", "T", "k",and a lot more.....

Which motions refer to earth's spinning on its axis?

That motion is known as "rotation".

How can you be a really good cheerleader?

You can be a good cheerleader by practicing your,cheers,flips,motions and stuff like that. Practice and team work is all what cheerleading is about!

Should you paint your nails if your in cheerleader?

In my opinion, you should never pain your nails for cheerleading. It draws attention away from your routine/motions. It also is a distraction to the audience/judges. For school cheerleading, wearing neail polish at a competition could get you a deduction

How do you do good in cheerleading?

Always smile and look happy, try your hardest, lift strong, fight for your stunts, keep motions tight, point your toes in your jumps, have fun!

What are the cheerleading motions?

High V Low V T Broken T Touchdown Left Diagonal Right Diagonal Daggers Buckets Candlesticks Hand on Hips

What is cheerleading with love?

i am acctually a cheerleader and i think that cheerleading with love is that when your down on the court, feild, wherever cheering your not down there frowning, not yelling, looking bored, not doing the motions sharply. i think cheerleding with love is when your down there and look so happy to be there cheering, are yelling for your team, yelling the cheers, throwing your tumbling to the fullest, smiling, hitting your motions as sharp as you can and all around looking bubbly as i think someone pictures a cheerleader being hope that helps you outtt!

I don't have any tumbling is cheerleading in college possible?

Very possible. But you may be pushed off the squad by girls who can tumble. But, if you have the splits, backbends, roundoffs, cartwheels, motions, and high kicks down you will be o.k.

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.