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You can foul someone whether you or them have the ball. If you make "illegal contact" with another player its a foul.

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Q: In basketball why can't ypu hit a person and it be called a foul what happen when the other person hits you and you don't have the ball and they do?
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What is one of two types of fouls in basketball?

One of the foulsin basketball is a tech foul this is called when coach is abusive to players of other team the other coach or the refs. The other is just called a foul which is just called when you foul the person with the ball Or there is holding when you hold one of the players or grab there arm or something.

Is the game of basketball called something else in other countries?


What can happen when you foul or travel in basketball?

The ball is given to the other team.

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What is it called when protecting the basketball from the other team of scoring?

It's called playing defense.

What is a one on one in basketball?

When one person plays one other person in head on head match

What is basketball called in other parts of the world?

It depends on that countries language.

How could you play US college basketball if you are living in Nigeria?

Basketball is a fun game and i love it.I play basketball very well here in Nigeria.Coming to the question,if one should have the right people to take him/or her out of the country to play basketball,it will be possible to play college basketball still living in Nigeria.Now the next question that may come up is this,''but the person has gone out of the country and he or she may not come back again.whats going to happen?''Yes the person has gone out but the person will still come back cus its from the agreement b/w the sponsor and him that will make that person cme back.but if its been said that the person should stay,well no problem. Usually, college basketball scouts go to Nigeria and other African nations each year to scout players.first you have to be good enough to play college ball in the U.S. Second, you have to ask around to find out which gyms the college scouts are in and try joiing a basketball camp. A good example of this would be Dikembe Mutombo, he is in the NBA.

What is tripping in basketball called?

Tripping is when a player interacts with the other player and trip the player with the ball. And then the foul will be called.

What was the first womens basketball team called?

The first women's basketball team was located at Smith College, an all women's school in 1892. After this point, basketball gained popularity at other schools.

Do Lithuanians love basketball?

Lithuanians are crazy about basketball! There will soon be a movie about Lithuanian basketball, called "The other dream team." You can view the trailer of the film in the related links section below.

What is it called when the offense tries to outrace the other team to score in basketball?

Fast break.

What is goaltending in basketball?

when someone shoots and a person on the other team hits the ball, when the ball is on the way down

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What are the two sides in basketball called?

The two sides of basketball are called offense and defense. On offense the team protects the ball and tries to convert a basket. On defense the team guards the ball and tries to stop the other team from scoring.

How do you meet and date a pro basketball player?

The same way you'd meet and date any other person.

What is a kickball in basketball and when does it apply?

If the ball touches a person foot while in play the other team receives the ball

What is NBA Basketball?

NBA Basketball is an association called the National Basketball Association. In it people play basketball in a season on one of the 30 teams. The teams verse each other at one of their home courts. (Each team has there own court with the team name painted in the middle.)

Is there a basketball team called the Rafters?

I wouldn't know about any other organization than the NBA, but there is an NBA team called the Toronto Raptors.

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What is teamin basketball?

The phrase "teamin" means putting more than one person to defend someone on the other team.

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