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Q: In basketball when a ball gets stuck on the basket from a foul shot is it a miss?
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In basketball what happens if the ball is stuck on the rim from a foul shot?

Depending on the individual referees' calls, multiple things may happen. The refs may call a re-do once the ball is dislodged, or they may say it was not a basket and continue the game as if the shot had simply missed the basket.

What is lose ball foul in basketball?

A personal foul where no team has control of the ball

A technical foul was called while dunking a basketball so should the basket made count?

it counts if it is not on the team that dunked the ball

Is it legal to use feet in basketball?

Uh, Yeah. Basket-ball is about how you can use your hands. Using your feet will only get you a foul or penalty.

What is a offensiven foul in basketball?

When a player on the team with the ball commits a foul

Is a foul shot for basket ball called a free throw?


How far is the foul line from the basket in basketball?

It is 13 feet 9 inches from in back of the foul line to the center of the basket or goal, and 15 feet to the back board.

Is it a foul on basketball to snatch the ball away and fling you to the ground?

It is a foul to snatch the ball away if it is in your opponent's hands

Why do basketball players rush the basket after every foul shot...Doesn't the other team get possession regardless?

Not at all. If the shot is missed it's anyones ball.

What is a 'dead ball foul' in little league basketball?

A dead ball foul is a term in which the ball has not been inbounded, the clock is stopped, thus a "dead ball," and a foul has been commited.

Basketball foul shots?

Basketball foul shots are given when ou have the ball, and you are going for the shot, when you are fouled by the other team.

What is the fowl shot distance in basketball?

The foul shot distance is 15 feet from the basket.

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