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The Jump Ball.

One player from each team, usually the Center/tallest player, line up at mid-court. the referee tosses the ball up in the air. the two players jump in an attempt to tip the ball to a teammate to gain possession.

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Q: In basketball what is the method to start the game?
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How do you start Basketball game?

with the jumpball

What does a basketball game start with?

with a jump ball

When does the clock start in basketball game?

Starts with possession of jump-ball to start game

How many players on each team are on a basketball court at the start of a game?

There are five players on the court from each team at the start of a basketball game.

When does the basketball game tonight actually start?

at 7:00 tonight

Does a basketball game start with a jump ball?


How does the basketball game start?

the basketball game starts when the referrie throughs the ball up and then the 2 players go for the ball

When did people start to play basketball?

The first game of basketball was played on December 21st, 1891.

What date or periodb did basketball start?

The first game of basketball was played on December 21st, 1891.

When did the NCAA Basketball Tourney start the play-in game?


What is the fewest number of players that can start a basketball game?


Who is the youngest basketball player to start a NBA game?

Kobe Bryant

What Instrument like a whistle do they use to start a game of basketball?

a whistle

What is it called when you throw the ball up to start a basketball game?

The tap

How do you know when a game of basketball is ready to start?

The guys will start to warm up and or the buzzer will go off

How do you start a game of basketball?

You have to start a game of basketball by 1 person from each team standing near the halfway line and 1 person throwing the ball into the air and both people have to try to get the and hit it to their team.

Whats the name of how you start a basketball game?

When the referee throws the ball up between two players to start a game, that is called a jump ball.

Why did the start the NBA?

check your grammar , and so people could enjoy the game of basketball

What is the basketball video game where you start out as a street player and advance into the NBA?

NBA Street

Used to start a basketball game?

The reff throws the ball into the middle of two players

What is the song played before the start of a Kentucky basketball game not kernkraft?

Go L.S.U!

How does Baskets start?

A Basketball game will usually start with a jump ball. The referee will toss the ball in the air and the team that gets it gets to start.

First basketball game?

first organized basketball game

Is basketball a winter game?

Yes, basketball is a winter game.

What game starts with a Tip Off?

It is wizard 101. Basketball games start with a tip-off.