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Q: In basketball is drinking allowed during the game?
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How many players are allowed on the basketball court during the game?

23 are allowed

How many timeouts are you allowed during a high school basketball game?

Three full timeouts and two 30-second timeouts are allowed in high-school basketball.

How many players are on a basketball court during a game?

5 players per team are allowed on the court

How many players are on a basketball court during one game?

5 players per team are allowed on the court

If ejected from a basketball game are you allowed to play in the next game?


What is allowed in the boys rules in basketball game?


Is during the basketball game a sentence?

It is not in and of itself a sentence. You need to tell what happened during the basketball game.

Is a player allowed to touch a referee during a professional basketball game?


How many players are allowed on a basketball court at one time during a game?

5 players...3 guards, 2 fowards

How many fouls are allowed in a game of basketball before the player is no longer allowed in the game?

nba=5 ncaa=4

What does points allowed mean in basketball?

Points allowed means how many points your opponent scores in a game.

How long is a player allowed to hold a basketball in a game of basetball?

5 seconds

How many players are allowed on the court at one time in a basketball game?


What are the personal requirements during a basketball game?


How many players would you find on a court during a regular game in basketball?

During a regular game of basketball, you will find ten players on the basketball court at one time (five per team).

What is it to pass to a teammate a basketball near the basket during a basketball game?

a pass it is the same thing

What are some of the fouls during a basketball game?

charge. reach.

Can noise makers be used during a basketball game?

Not in the NCAA

What is free shot in basketball?

A free shot in basketball would be a free throw. You get this if you are fouled during the game.

How many seats are in the metrodome?

During a football game: 64,111During a baseball game: 46,564 (expandable to 55,883)During a basketball game: 50,000

How many people are allowed to play in a basketball game?

Five at at time on each team. Tho in a game substitutions can be made throughout the game

How many time outs are allowed in a pro basketball game?

Pretty sure it's 6

Do basketball players change during a game?

If you mean change clothes, then no.

What does min stand for in the stats of basketball?

Minutes played during the game.

How high is a basketball goals during a game?

10 feet high.