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Until the referee thinks that the time has been long enough. If the coach will not substitute a player in, then the coach is hit with a technical foul.

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Q: In basketball how long does a coach have to substitute for a player that has fouled out?
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How much time does a coach have to make a sub for a player that has fouled out of a high school basketball game?

1 minute

How many times does a basketball player be aloud in game for?

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How many times can you substitute a player in a game of basketball?

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How much time does a coach get to sub in for a player whos fouled out?

1 minute

When can a substitute player be entered in volleyball?

When nothing is currently happening and the coach makes a hand signal to the referee that he or she wants to substitute in a player. When nothing is currently happening and the coach makes a hand signal to the referee that he or she wants to substitute in a player.

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