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It is still considered to be in play, but not in possession.

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Q: In basketball a loose ball is best defined as?
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What will happen when a basketball is wet?

The main difference is the grip. A wet basketball will prevent one from getting a firm hold on the ball. It is best to play with a dry ball. The ball will also have a noticeable gain in weight.

Who is the worlds best basketball ball handler?

It was Pete "Pistol Pete Maravich

How did Micheal Jordan change basketball?

he was the best basket ball player in history

In basketball can players form a circle around a player with the ball?

yes because tyler nott is the best basketball playa ever

Is john wall the best college basketball player?

um tinaya and Samantha are the best basket ball players

Is Micheal Jordan the best basket ball player alive?

no gopal neopaney is the best basketball player ever.

What does Michael Jordan like most about basketball?

The best thing Michel Jordan likes about basketball is netting the ball as many times as possible into the net.

What is the best ball sport in the world?

Basketball, Cricket, baseball, Rugby... (You have to agree with me! )

How does ref check that the ball is inflated before the basketball game?

The best food to eat before a basketball game is soul food

Which basketball is best for a poor basketball player?

Small basketballs plural are best for poor players. Two girls sized 28.5 or even smaller depending on the player's size. A ball for each hand will help improve a players ball handling and confidence. You can find examplaes of ballhandling drills all over the internet. SCORE

How do you control the ball in basketball?

the best way to control the ball is by dribbling low and dribbling with your fingertips, never the palms of your hand. It takes a lot of practice to become a great ball handler.

What is the best indoor basketball?

I like the Wilson Ultra ball. It has a good bounce and breaks in nicely, but the best part is the feel. Because of its sponge rubber underlayer, it has and indoor feel but wears like an outdoor ball. Easily the best indoor/outdoor ball that I have ever used.

What is the best indoor outdoor basketball?

I like the Wilson Ultra ball. It has a good bounce and breaks in nicely, but the best part is the feel. Because of its sponge rubber underlayer, it has and indoor feel but wears like an outdoor ball. Easily the best indoor/outdoor ball that I have ever used.

What is the best estimate of a basketball?

depends on wat kind of ball you want usually somewhere around 20 dollars

What is the best brand of basketball spalding or willson?

Spalding is the official ball brand of the NBA, so Spalding is probably better.

Who is the best basketball player on the planet?

At the moment, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is the best basketball player in this generation. lebron James is way better than Kobe.lebron will destroy Kobe any day in b-ball.

What is the best sport of the world?

Baseball.Basketball Sucks! basketball doesn't suck, it's way better than baseball, in baseball all you do is hit a ball, stand on a base, or catch a ball and throw it to a guy on the base, in basketball there is much more to do and you don't sit on the bench all day on offense taking turns to hit a ball.

How much does a real basketball cost?

It depends on what you call a real basketball and your age and level of game. Spalding's basketballs (official basketball of the NBA) usually cost under 25.00. The spalding official size street basketball costs 14.38. The official NBA varsity ball costs 13.15. The new Spalding never flat ball costs 22.14. The Spalding official indoor/outdoor basketball costs 30.43. The Spalding NBA official game ball basketball is 87.99. In my opinion if you want the real deal I would get the NBA official game ball basketball. Even though its costly it is worth it. Keep in mind though that the ball was made to be played indoors not outdoors. If you play outdoors I recommend the never flat ball since it lasts long. The only problem with it is that it is a bit bouncy. these are only a few basketballs. if you want to check them all out go to this site: for a quiz picking the best ball for you go to this site: prices gathered from

What can deviance can best be defined?

what deviance can best be defined

Is basketball a reward for being tall?

Not really. Did you know that Affy Suckadick was the best basket ball player and was only 5"8

On what surface will a ball roll best?

A:In basketball A down hill smooth surface is the best surface to roll a ball on. no honey u wrong who Eva this is it roll better on the ground im smart right i no

Is there a latex free basketball?

The best I've ever been able to find is a leather covered basketball. They are generally more expensive than a rubber ball and should only be used indoors, but they are great for people with latex allergies.

Would the size of a basketball affect your shot?

Certainly the weight of the ball also affects it because you know im the best basketball player in my class and i use a heavy ball so............i missed almost every time.So yes the size and weight affects your shot. Kevnis329:) For my school science fair project, Does the size of the basketball affect the number of free throws I make was my question. My results were that it didn't, because when I tested a mini ball, a girls' ball and a pro ball, I got around 50% each time.

Is it normal to loose a white ball substance from your vagina?

EFF no. Best get that $HIT checked on. You hella nasty girl. [Gynacologist]

How is the correct way to dribble the basketball?

The best way to dribble a basketball is to have bent knees, while your arm is at 2'o clock position on an average clock and to use the other arm to protect the ball from being intercepted.