In baseball, what is the pennant?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The pennant is another term for winning your league championship, either ALCS or NLCS. This comes from back when the MLB had fewer teams, 8-16 teams total. They would only have a championship series instead of having so many rounds in the playoffs like today. When you win the American League Championship Series or National League Championship Series.

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Q: In baseball, what is the pennant?
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What does the term pennant mean in baseball?

In baseball, to "win the pennant" is to finish the season in first place of a division or league.

What is a pennant in sports mean?

When a team makes it to the championship. Like in baseball a team wins the pennant when they make it to the world series.

What is the Pennant Race?

The pennant race is a baseball term used to describe the time period towards the end of the year, around mid-late august and on to the playoffs. The pennant is the name for the championship of the division, whether it be the national league or the American league, and the race is all the games leading up to the World Series that determine who will represent each league.

What is the award that the NLB gives to the baseball team that wins at the end of the seson?


1919 winner of the American league Pennant in baseball?

Chicago White Sox.

1915 winner of the American League pennant in Baseball?

Boston Red Sox

1990 winner of the National League West pennant in baseball?

The Cincinnati Reds.

What does it mean to win a pennant?

To win the National League or the American League Championship in major league baseball. The two pennant winners face off in the World Series

What is the value of a 1959 baseball all-star game played in LA pennant?


What has the author Paul G Zinn written?

Paul G. Zinn has written: 'The major league pennant races of 1916' -- subject(s): Major League Baseball (Organization), Baseball, History 'The major league pennant races of 1916' -- subject(s): Baseball, History, Major League Baseball (Organization)

Where did the New York Giants baseball team win the 1951 pennant?

The New York Giants won the National pennant in the Polo Grounds in NY. They beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in this historic gaame.

What year did the baseball bat manufacturer Pennant start production?

1900-1920 era Dave