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The throw from first to third is 127' 3-3/8 inches.

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Q: In baseball how far is the throw from first to third?
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How far of a throw is it from third base to first?

On a frozen rope from third to first base is 127 feet 3 and 3/8 inches.

How far can a professional baseball player throw a baseball?


How far can a baseball player throw?

400 ft

How far could shoeless joe Jackson throw?

it is claimed he could throw a baseball 400 feet

If Nick can throw a baseball 300 feet how far can he throw a softball?

im not sure what the distance would be but i do know that it would be shorter, it is harder to throw a softball then it is to throw a baseball Disregard the fact that this person answered your question. The correct answer is the same distance as a baseball.

What are the difference between distance and velocity?

Velocity is how high something goes like if you throw a baseball up. Distance is how far you throw thatbaseball

Look at the baseball diamond If a player throws the baseball from 2nd base to home plate how far does he throw it?

121 feet

If Johnny could throw a baseball 300 ft and Billy could throw one 70 percent as far as Ted and Johnny could only throw it 20 feet farther than Billy how far can Ted throw?

Ted can throw 400ft Johnny can throw 300ft Billy can throw 280ft (70% of 400ft and 20ft less than Johnny)

How far can monkeys throw their poop?

really far they can throw as far 200 metres

How to make my son throw a baseball hard?

Play Long Toss Like Make Him Throw As Far As He Can And Play Catch Like That For 30 Every Day

How far does a third baseman need to throw to first in 14U softball?

That would depends on where they field the ball. Howeverthe distance from the 3rd base bag and the 1st base bag is just under 85 feet.

The distance between consecutive bases is 90 feet An outfielder catches the ball on the third base line about 40 feet behind third base How far would the outfielder have to throw the ball to first b?

It's pretty close to 90 feet also.