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In Badminton if the shuttle hits the net on service and falls to the ground it is considered dead. If the Shuttlecock hits the net but continues to the opponents side it is still live and in play.

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Q: In badminton what happens if the shuttle hits the net on service?
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What is a let in badminton?

a let occurs when the shuttle hits the ceiling of the court on the service, but not in open play

In badminton what happens if the shuttle hits the net in a rally?

It means it is live but you cant hit it if you already hit it

How do you score in Badminton?

when the opponent hits out or when the shuttle falls inside their half.

In badminton if the shuttle hits the net when served is it a fault?

no point is awarded

How do you score to score a point in badminton?

Either your opponent hits the shuttle outside the court, or the shuttle hits the floor on your opponents side of the court.

What happens if the shuttle touch the net during the serve but continues on to the correct service area?

It's good! when the player hits the shuttle touches the net and continues to the service area. If it is a service it is a fault, If it is during the rally if the oppenent does not attempt it is a point for the hitter.

What are the new rules for badminton?

That whenever you hit the shuttle cock out or it hits the net your opponent gets a point, and there is no second serve

How many hits per side are allowed in badminton before the shuttle must go over the net?


What happens if a space shuttle hits an asteroid?

It would be destroyed, depending on the size of the asteroid.

In badminton what happens if your partner hits the birdie that was served to you?

You redo the serve and the other team gets a point.

What are the three hits in badminton called?

The three hits in badminton are called lob, smash, and drop.

What happens if you double hit in badminton?

Then it's a fowl. Unless the other team hits it, then the ball is still in play.

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