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i think it is 132 matches but im not sure.

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Q: In a tennis tournament each athlete plays one match against each of the other athletes There are 12 athletes scheduled to play in the tournament How many matches will be played?
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What is the plural of the word athlete?

The plural of athlete is athletes.

What is the plural of athlete?


What is the possessive form of athlete?

"Athlete's" would be the possessive form of one athlete. "Athletes'" would be the possessive form of two or more athletes.

What countries are taking part in the winter Olympics 2014?

88 Countries are competing in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Albania - 2 athletes Andorra - 6 athletes Argentina - 7 athletes Armenia - 4 athletes Australia - 61 athletes Austria - 130 athletes Azerbaijan - 4 athletes Belarus - 24 athletes Belgium - 7 athletes Bermuda - 1 athlete Bosnia and Herzegovina - 5 athletes Brazil - 13 athletes British Virgin Islands - 1 athlete Bulgaria - 18 athletes Canada - 221 athletes Cayman Islands - 1 athlete Chile - 6 athletes China - 66 athletes Croatia - 11 athletes Cyprus - 2 athletes Czech Republic - 85 athletes Denmark - 12 athletes Dominica - 2 athletes Estonia - 24 athletes Finland - 103 athletes France - 105 athletes Georgia - 4 athletes Germany - 153 athletes Great Britain - 56 athletes Greece - 7 athletes Hong Kong - 1 athlete Hungary - 16 athletes Iceland - 5 athletes India - 3 athletes Iran - 5 athletes Ireland - 5 athletes Israel - 5 athletes Italy - 113 athletes Jamaica - 2 athletes Japan - 113 athletes Kazakhstan - 52 athletes South Korea - 71 athletes Kyrgyzstan - 1 athlete Latvia - 58 athletes Lebanon - 2 athletes Liechtenstein - 4 athletes Lithuania - 9 athletes Luxembourg - 1 athlete Macedonia - 3 athletes Malta - 1 athlete Mexico - 1 athlete Moldova - 4 athletes Monaco - 5 athletes Mongolia - 2 athletes Montenegro - 2 athletes Morocco - 2 athletes Nepal - 1 athlete Netherlands - 41 athletes New Zealand - 15 athletes Norway - 134 athletes Pakistan - 1 athlete Paraguay - 1 athlete Peru - 3 athletes Philippines - 1 athlete Poland - 59 athletes Portugal - 2 athletes Romania - 24 athletes Russia - 226 athletes San Marino - 2 athletes Serbia - 8 athletes Slovakia - 62 athletes Slovenia - 66 athletes Spain - 20 athletes Sweden - 106 athletes Switzerland - 168 athletes Chinese Taipei - 3 athletes Tajikistan - 1 athlete Thailand - 2 athletes Timor-Leste - 1 athlete Togo - 2 athletes Tonga - 1 athlete Turkey - 6 athletes Ukraine - 43 athletes United States - 230 athletes Uzbekistan - 3 athletes Venezuela - 1 athlete Virgin Islands - 1 athletes Zimbabwe - 1 athlete

What is the plural form of athlete?


What is the plural noun of athletes?

athletes is a plural noun the singular is athlete

What is the possessive of the word athlete?

The singular possessive is athlete's. The plural possessive is athletes'.

What do you call a athlete that participates in the Olympics?


What is the plural possessive for athlete?

The plural form for the noun athlete is athletes.The plural possessive form is athletes'.Example: We raised the money to pay for the athletes' uniforms.

Why is athletes foot called athletes foot?

this is called athletes foot because the first person to get it was an athlete:0...

Who are the best athletes?

the best athlete is Monica Selles

What inspires athlete's to do their best?

Potatos inspire athletes

Is athlete a singular noun?

Yes The plural is athletes

Is athlete's foot an athlete disease?

No, it's a fungal infection that can be caught by anyone - not just athletes.

What food does an athlete eat?

That depends on the athlete but most athletes stick to the main food groups.

A trained athlete differs from a couch potato in that the athlete has?

Athletes are athletic and couch potatoes are lazy.

Can you go to class with a college athlete?

Yes, college athletes attend class with non athletes.

How does Sports Psychology help athletes?

It helps them become a better athlete because a sports psychologist works with the athlete to set goals, works to get the athlete mentally prepared for the upcoming season, and they work with the athlete to help chart the athletes progression of skills.

Do athletes get paid for competing in the Olympics?

I believe that the athletes get paid. However, if another country wants the athlete to play for them, then the athlete will be paid quite a lot of money. Some countries will pay an athlete millions for them to play for them!

Tell you the correct plural of the word athlete?

One athlete, many athletes. The collective word is "team".

What is athletes foot?

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection on your feet

What are two ethical arguments against an athlete using stimulants?

it's illegal, unfair as some athletes have spent years naturally training their bodies

Who was the first Jewish athlete?

Jews have been athletes since Biblical times. It is unknown who the first Jewish athlete was.

What effect do drugs have on athletes?

athletes take drugs to boost their energy.but taking drugs even by an athlete in banned.

Where is athletes foot found in the world?

where is athlete foot found in the world