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In the World Series the pitchers only bat when the game is played in the National League park. When the game is played in the American League park the Designated Hitter is used.

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Q: In a World Series do the pitchers bat?
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Did the pitcher use to bat in the World Series?

The pitchers bat in the world series when it's played in a national league park, they use a DH in an American league park.

Do NL pitchers bat when playing an AL team?

in world series only when playing at American league stadium

Do baseball pitchers hit?

In the minor leagues pitchers do not come to bat. They all use the designated hitter rules. In Major League Baseball pitchers come to bat in the National League, they do not bat in the American League where the designated hitter rule is employed. During inter-league play, the All-Star Game and the World Series, pitchers from both leagues come to bat if the game is being played in a National League park.

Can you change pitchers in the middle of an at bat?

yes you can change pitchers anytime you want

How many Yankees pitchers have hit home runs in world series play?

0 ... 13 pitchers have hit home runs in World Series play but none have played with the Yankees.

What Pitchers won three World Series?

Well Andy petite and Rivera have won three world series

How many pitchers pitched complete World Series games?


How many pitchers does the average world series team have?


Who are the starting pitchers for todays World Series opener?

Starting pitchers for Game 1 of the 2007 World Series were Josh Beckett for the Boston Red Sox and Jeff Francis for the Colorado Rockies.

Who are some pitchers with no World Series wins?

Several pitchers who never won a World Series championship include Mike Mussina, Tommy John, Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry and Don Sutton.

How far do the pitchers in the little league world series pitch from?

46 feet

How far is pitchers mound for 2013 world series softball?

43 feet

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