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No, the national league pitchers have to bat and all national league teams play by taht rule and all American league teams have a DH

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Q: Do the American league teams have an atvantage because of designated hitter rule?
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Why is there a Designated Hitter the American league?

there is a designated hitter in the American league because the pitchers don't bat so they take there spots

Is there a designated hitter in mlb?

yes, in the American League

Why does the Silver slugger award given to the best pitcher in the NL and the best designated hitter in the AL?

Because pitchers do not bat in the American League ... they are replaced in the batting order by the designated hitter.

How many players start a baseball team?

9 in the National League and 10 in the American League (because of the designated hitter).

Which league uses a designated hitter?

The American League uses a designated hitter. Some exceptions: If an American League team plays at a National League Park (Yankees play at Shea Stadium or the new Citi Field against the Mets) then the American League team can't use a Designated Hitter. If a National League team plays at an American League Park (Mets play at Yankees Stadium) then the National League team is allowed to use a designated hitter.

When was the designated hitter introduced to the MLB?

The American League introduced the DH in 1973.

In which league is there a designated hitter for the pitcher in MLB?

American League since 1973

In what league does the pitcher bat in?

The National League. The American League has a designated hitter.

Who was designated hitter in World Series in 1973?

Nobody .... although the American League implemented the designated hitter in 1973, there was no DH allowed in the World Series until 1976.

Why don't American league pitchers have to hit?

Because of the designated hitter rule. If they are playing an interleague or postseason away game, they must hit

Is there a designated hitter in inter league games?

Only if the home team is from the American League.

Can a pitcher playing pinch hit?

In the National League, the pitcher is already in the batting lineup. He cannot pinch-hit for anybody else, because he would be batting out of order. In the American League, the designated hitter bats for the pitcher. If the pitcher was to bat, he would only be allowed to bat for the designated hitter, and that would remove the Designated Hitter rule for the remainder of the game. The rest of the game would have to be played normally, where the pitcher bats in the designated hitter's spot. This would not be a good idea, since most designated hitters are good hitters.

What is the dh rule?

The Rule fo the DH - or the Designated Hitter - is basiccally the fac tthat hte Designated Hitter shall bat in place of the pitcher int eh American League of Professional Baseball Franchises. For more information on the Designated Hitter, please see

What does DH mean?

It means designated hitter in baseball, the DH hits for the pitcher in the American league

Is a designated hitter used in intraseasonal play?

if its in a American league stadium yes national league no

Why did Trevor Bauer with the Indians bat in the American league game with the Tampa Bay Rays on 4613?

The Cleveland Indians' Trevor Bauer had to bat on April 6, 2013 against the Tampa Bay Rats because their Designated Hitter was Carlos Santana and they had to move him to Catcher because of them needing to remove Lou Marson, their Starting Catcher from the game. Because they had moved their Designated Hitter to a field position, that voids the Designated Hitter option for the rest of the game for the Indians so the Pitcher has to bat unless they use a Pinch Hitter.

What is the diffrance in American league and national league in baseball?

The American League uses the Designated hitter, and the pitcher does not bat as in the National League.

What regulation added more offensive punch to American baseball league in 1973?

The designated Hitter was adopted by the American League in 1973.

Is the designated hitter important?


What year was the designated hitter rule put into effect?

The designated hitter rule was put in effect in 1973.

When was Josรฉ Morales - designated hitter - born?

José Morales - designated hitter - was born on 1944-12-30.

When was Randy Johnson - designated hitter - born?

Randy Johnson - designated hitter - was born on 1958-08-15.

Did the American League get rid of the designated hitter for the division playoffs?

No. DH is still being used by AL in the playoffs.

What is a player who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher called?

Designated Hitter.

When did designated hitter start?