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Q: In Senegal before what popular spectator sport do participants parade out in colorful costumes?
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Who are the participants from Senegal in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games?

AthleticsAminata Diouf Taekwondo-57kg Women: Bineta Diedhiou FencingMen's Sabre: Abdulaye Thiam , Mamadou KeitaWomen's Sabre: Nafi Toure

Is senegal river in senegal?


What is the flower of Senegal?

Senegal does not have a flower:)

What is the name of the of senegal?

Senegalese means of Senegal.

What are the mayor water bodies in Senegal?

Senegal has many rivers: Senegal River, the Gambia, and Casamance River.

Which is a better parrot a Quaker or Senegal?

A Senegal. Quakers are very loud. Senegal are amongst the quiter Parrots

Which continent is Senegal located?

Senegal is located in Africa.

What is the population in senegal?

the answer of senegal is over 11 million

What country is west of Mali and southwest of Windhoek Namibia?

There are three countries, Mauritania, Senegal and Guinea

What country is Dakar in?

Senegal.Dakar is the capital of Senegal in Africa.

What is the name of the national bird of Senegal?

Senegal does not have a national bird.

What is the population Senegal?

the population of Senegal is approximately 12.3 million