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Loser of the tip-off at the start of the game

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Q: In NBA what determines which team gets the ball to start the second half?
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In Basketball what determines which team gets possession to start second quarter?

The possession arrow.

Who gets the basketball at the start of the second half of play?

It all depends on who got the basketball at the beginning of the game. Whoever gets the ball after the jump ball also gets it fourth quarter. The other team gets the ball second and third quarter. Hope I answered your question! Good luck!

How does basket ball start?

A basketball game will usually start with a jump ball. The referee will toss the ball in the air and the team that gets it gets to start.

Who is supposed to have the second hit on the ball in volleyball?

The setter always gets the second ball, unless he/she calls for help.

Which team gets ball the second half in basketball and When did rule change?

The team who starts with the ball in the second half is determined by the possession arrow... At the start of the game, whoever does not get possession off the opening tip has the arrow pointed in their favour. Every time there is a "jump-ball" called, the possession arrow indicates who receives possession and is then flipped. The team who has the possession arrow pointing in their favour at half-time will start the second half.

College basketball what determines who gets ball out at half time?

DJ doesn't know what he's talking about

If the football team that wins the coin toss elects to defend a goal who gets the ball in the second half?

The team that lost the coin toss at the beginning of the game would get first choice to start the second half. It would be their choice to defend a goal, kickoff, or receive the ball.

What is a tipoff in basketball?

The very start of the game. Each team picks a player, usually their center, to stand in the middle of the court. The referee will then toss the ball straight up in the air. The players jump to try to tip it to their teammates. this also determines who gets the ball and the beginning of each quarter.

What do you call when a pitcher tags the batter and throws ball to second base?

its called a double play. it is the same as if a ball is hit up the middle and the shortstop gets it and gets the runner out at second and then throws to get the guy out at first

When does the clock start before the quarterback gets the ball?

The clock starts when the Ball is ready for play.

If kickoff is defered and other team chooses defense who gets ball second half?

if team A deferes to the other team then team B has to choose weather to kick or receive the ball. then in the second half team A either gets to kick or receive

What are two outs in once baseball game?

When the defensive team in baseball, gets two players out in one play, it is called a double play. This usually occurs when the ball is hit between the second and third base. The short stop between the second and third base throws the ball to the second baseman, who gets the runner from first base out. Then the second baseman throws the ball to the first baseman, who gets the hitter out. There are other ways that a double play can occur, however, this is the most common way.

What is the meaning of king pair in cricket?

if a batsman gets out on the first ball in the first innings of a test match, then when he will face the first ball of second innings, he will be consider as on a king pair, as same as after two consecutive wickets the bowler is considered to be on a hattrick for the third ball, when he gets the third consecutive wicket he is considered to achieve the hattrick similarly when a batsmen gets out on the first ball of second innings as in the first innings he will be considered as he has achieved the king pair.

How do you start off a soccer game?

First the coach will start us off, by flipping a coin and the player gets it right start with the ball.

How is the team that gets to kick the ball first decided in soccer?

the captains go to the center of the field at halftime they toss a coin and whoever wins gets to decide what side do they want to defend first and if they want to kick off first or after half time to start the second half

Who gets the ball first in the second half college basketball?

the team who did not get the tipoff in the 1st half

If a player from first to second runs into the base before the ball gets there but the baseman reaches for the ball and knocks the runner off the base and falls on him then tags him is he out?


How does an NBA game start?

There is a tipoff in the middle of the court where the referee throws the ball in the air and who ever tips it to their side gets the ball first

What is the 5 second rule in basketball?

If your opponent guards you long enough and you are not passing the ball the ref will call 5 seconds and the other team gets the ball.

If the football team that wins the coin toss elects to kick who gets the ball in the second half?

Whoever the other team decides in the second half.

Who determines which team gets the ball after it goes out of bounds in soccer?

It is down to the officials, the linesmen normally making the decision if it goes over the sideline. Usually there is no doubt about who gets it, so rarely do the officials actually have to formally impose a decision.

What happens if two players of opposing teams grab hold of the ball at the same time in basketball and are not letting go?

A jumpball will be called. In college there is a possession arrow that determines who gets the ball, in the NBA, the referee throws the ball up and the two players try to tip it to their teammates.

Does a volleyball game start with a jump ball?

No.. Its a coin toss or however the ref wants to do it. Which ever team gets the toss, gets to serve first.

What the rule of when a basketball gets stuck on the rim?

When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball. When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball.

What determines a break in pool?

a lag: each person hits a shoots a ball down table and the players ball that hits the bottom rail comes back up table and stops closest to the top rail wins the lag and gets to break