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A professional Basketball game is made up of 4 quarters.

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Q: A professional basketball game is made up of four of these?
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In basketball a professional game is made up of four of these?


What four things is a professional game of basketball made of?

The game of basketball is divided into 4 quarters. In the NBA, each quarter is 12 minutes long.

Who holds the most 3pts. shot made in a professional basketball game in a single game?

Theodore Papaluokas of Greece made 18 3pt. shots in a single professional basketball game.

A professional game is made up of four of these?


A professional basketball game is made up of 4 of these?


What is the backboard made of?

i can be made out of lots of things, but in professional basketball it is usually made out of glass

How many breaks are there in basketball game that is made up four quarters?

4 and 4 time out for each half

Who has the most 3pt made shots in a single professional basketball game?

Kobe Bryant with 12 3pt. made against the Seattle Supersonics on 7th January 2003.

What was the first basketball game made for xbox 360?

I believe the first basketball game available for the Xbox 360 was the NBA Basketball 2K6.

What are the Composition of basketball game?

The composition of a basketball game is what the game is made up of. The composition includes players, a ball, and two nets.

What four sports was volleyball made of?

* tennis * basketball

Can athletes compete in the Olympics if they are paid professional athletes?

Yes they can. The U.S. Olympic basketball team is made up of professional basketball players. Kobe Bryant to name just one.

International basketball star Manu Ginobili comes from which nation?

Ginobili made his first professional debut in the Argentine basketball league.

When was the first Spalding basketball made?

The first Spalding basketball was made in 1894 by Albert Goodwull Spalding - three years after the invention of the game in 1891. When the game of basketball was first invented, it was actually played with a soccer ball.

What four sports is volleyball made of?

handball, basketball, and tennis.

Who made up the game of basketball?

James naismith

How did basketball become an American sport?

Basketball was invented in America by a P.E. teacher to begin with. Many people loved the new game he invented, and it started spreading rapidly. Eventually, the sport was made into a professional sport, the NBA, and caught on quickly.

How can you put a sentence with the word effortless in it?

Many professional athletes make their sport look effortless. Michael Jordan made the game of basketball look effortless.

When were the final fours UVa made?

The University of Virginia made it to the Final Four of the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1981 and 1984. Through 2013, the school has yet to advance to the championship game.

What does three-for-four in basketball mean?

it means for every four shots a person took, they made three.

Who made a sport?

James Naismith created the game of basketball.

When can a substitution be made in basketball?

when your in a stoppage of the game and you take a player out

Inventions by James naismith?

He made basketball as a game for PE.

Why is a basketball courts floor made of wood?

Most indoor professional basketball courts are made from highly-polished maple wood. This provides an exceptionally smooth, cleanable surface that is low-maintenance.

How many fouls can be made before a player fouls out of the game in NBA basketball?

in basketball you always get 5 fouls and then you are out. =)

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