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soccer. that's about it. poor kids growing up with some empty fields and clay balls

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Q: In Ghana what type of sports do they have?
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What type of sports are played in Ghana?

Most popular is football.

What are Unusual sports in Ghana?


What are the popular sports of Ghana?


What are the disadvantages of sports in Ghana?

This disadvantage of playing sports in Ghana is that it is quite a poor country and does not have very good playing fields.

What sports did Ghana do in Ghana?

foot ball and a kicking game called monveir.

What types of sports are played in Ghana?

football is the game played in Ghana and is the most popular

Which type of ocean is in Ghana?

Ghana is not an ocean.

What type of economy does Ghana have?

Ghana has a mixed economy.

What is Ghana's type of government?

Ghana is a constitutional democracy

What type of movies are watched in Ghana?

The question should be "What ghana movies do they watch in Ghana?"

What sports are played in Ghana?

football is the most popular sport in Ghana to find out more go to wikipedia

What type of religion did Ghana practice?

Most of Ghana are christians

What sports will Ghana be playing in the Olympics?

Boxing, Judo and Weightlifting.

What sports are Ghana good at in the commonwealth games?

They are good at football.

What type of people live in Ghana?

what kinds of people live in ghana

Does Ghana play any sports other than football?

Yes, there are lots of sports in Ghana, like boxing, golf, tennis, polo, go-carting, rugby, athletics and many others.

What type of music does Ghana listen to?

Ghana people listen to nice smooth music.

What type of population is Ghana now?


What type of government did Ghana have?

I think they had a dictatorship

What type of currency is spent in Ghana?


What type of holidays does Ghana celebrate?


What countries have first time paticipants in their sports for the 2010 winter Olympics?

Ghana, for a start.

What sports and games are played in Ghana?

Football is quite popular....polo is also played

What sports did Ghana take part in at Commonwealth Games?

Ghana took part in weightlifting,boxing,shooting,wrestling,tennis,badminton,cycling,rugby and racing

How did the Ghana Empire start?

just type it in google