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The coach or bench personnel for each team is allowed three trips or conferences with no penalty. They are not charged with a conference if the pitcher is changed. So after three trips without a pitching change, a change must be made.

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Q: In ASA girls fast pitch how many trips are allowed to the mound?
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Can a pitcher that has to leave the mound from the two visit rule play shortstop and come back in to pitch the next inning?

The pitcher can re-enter the game as a pitcher later in the game if he is taken out with no trips to the mound or after one trip. If he is taken out after the second trip to the mound he can re-enter the game in any position except for pitcher..

How many trips can a manager make to the mound before having to take out his pitcher in High School Baseball?

you're only allowed a certain limited amount of conferences on the mound. It varies from league to league, but the general rule of thumb is that you are allowed to go out once an inning. If you go out more than once an inning, you have to take the pitcher out. If you go out a fourth time within the same game then you have to take that pitcher out.

Is it considered a visit to the mound if the pitching coach goes out?

Yes, it doesn't matter if it's the Pitching Coach or the Manager, it still counts as a visit to the mound. The only instance in which mound trips by coaches do not count is if they're checking on a pitcher to make sure they're not hurt and they let the umpire know before their trip to the mound.

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Does a manager have to pull a pitcher if he makes more than one trip to the mound in an inning?

Yes, unless one of the trips was to check on the pitcher to see about an injury. A trip to the mound to check about an injury does not count towards the two trips per inning rule.You will notice when a manager makes a 'regular' trip to the mound, the home plate umpire stays away for 30 seconds or so and, if the manager is still at the mound after that time, will walk out to the mound to break up the conversation and get the game started again. But if a manager goes out to check about an injury, the home plate umpire is there listening to the conversation to ensure that no strategy is being discussed.

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Is it considered a trip to the mound to talk to fielders while pitcher is warming up?

Yes, all trips to the mound will be considered a "trip to the mound" no matter if the coach or manager is just talking strategy with the Pitcher or just with the Fielder or Fielders. The only way a trip to the mound does not count against a team is if they're doing an injury check on the Pitcher who is currently pitching in the game however if a pitcher was just substituted into the game and is warming up then the coach or Manager would still be out there and therefore it wouldn't count as a "trip to the mound."

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In Fastpitch Softball how many trips to the mound can a coach make in a game before the pitcher is pulled?

As many as the coach lets i think the most that should a pitcher walk in an inning is 4 before she gets pulled out

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