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Quarterback Tommy Maddox wore the number 8 in 2001.

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Q: In 2001 who became the first Pittsburgh Steeler to wear number 8 in 61 years?
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Who was the first black Pittsburgh Steeler?

Ray Kemp in 1933

Which former Pittsburgh Steeler was called 'The Bus' before Jerome Bettis?

Prior to Jerome Bettis, there was no Steeler called 'The Bus', he was the first.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers coin the phrase Steeler Nation or did Oakland have it first?


Which Pittsburgh Steeler was nicknamed Slash?

Former Steeler Kordell Stewart was nicknamed Slash. He didn't play for Pittsburgh. He played for Chicago. Last name was Perry. I think his first name was William.

Who was the first Pittsburgh steeler to earn one million dollars in a season?

el tiante

What month did Hines Ward start playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Hines Ward's first game as a Steeler was on September 6, 1998. He played his entire career with Pittsburgh (1998-2011).Ward retired on March 20, 2012.

What is the first steeler theme song?

well the steelers have steeler ladies black and yellow and our usaul fight song

Who was the first Pittsburgh Steeler to carry the ball in the Super Bowl?

On the first offensive play in Steelers Super Bowl history, Rocky Bleier carried the ball off left tackle for 3 yards.

Who has the biggest head in the nfl?

Pittsburgh Steeler Casey Hampton. He wears the biggest helmet available and it still dont fit right.

Who did The Pittsburgh Steelers became the first six time winners against?

Arizona cardinals

Who did Charlie Batch beat in first start as Pittsburgh steeler?

Charlie Batch's first start for the Steelers came on November 6, 2005 against the Green Bay Packers in Green Bay. The Steelers won, 20-10.

The Pittsburgh Steelers became the first six time winner by defeating which team in the 43rd championship game?

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