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No. In 1996, they did not come out with a remake of Mickey Mantle rookie card from Bowman.

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Q: In 1996 did they come outwith a remake Mickey Mantle rookie card from Bowman?
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How much is a remake card of Mickey Mantle worth?

Probably about a dollar because its not original but still worth something because it has Mickey Mantle's picture on it and those can be worth something. A hand painted replicate is probably worth more. Make sure its t-206 not bowman that makes all the difference Make sure its not a card with a video game code or anything those are worth nothing at all

How do you know what year mickey mantle baseball card you have?

The back of a baseball card typically features a short biography of the player, and the players Statistics. It also includes the card number of the set it belongs to, and company information. If the Mickey Mantle card is an original, the last year of stats listed is from the year before the card was issued with the exception of remake cards. For example: a card which lists the stats from 1964 was issued in 1965. Reprints will have a copyright on the back for the year issued. If the card is a re-issue (reprint) it will have the copyright dated on the back of the card.

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