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Q: In 1992 who became the first Israeli to ever win an Olympic medal?
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When did Nigeria win her first Olympic gold medal?

Nigeria won her first Olympic gold medal in 1876

James B Connolly won the gold medal in which Olympic event?

James Brendan Connolly became the first Olympic champion in 1527 years when he won the gold medal in the triple jump(hop,step and jump)at the 1896 Olympics in Athens.He won the silver medal in the same event ,four years later in Paris.

When did Lauren Boyle get her first medal?

she won her first olympic medal in 1973

When was the first medal handed out in Tae Kwon Do?

The first Olympic medal was awarded in 1988, but taekwondo was a demonstration sport. Taekwondo became a medal sport in 2000; however, they also hand out medals at the world championships, and the first world championships were in 1972.

How long has icing dancing been an Olympic sport?

Ice dancing first became a medal sport in the winter olympics of 1976.

What does an olympic gold medal look like?

The Olympic gold medal is awarded for coming first in an Olympic event. It looks like a small golden circle.

How did Olympic hockey start?

Field hockey was introduced at the Summer Olympic Games as a men's competition at the 1908 Games in London with six teams. Ice hockey first became an Olympic sport at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp. Canada won the first gold medal in Olympic ice hockey.

Who was the first lady to get a Olympic medal?

kannlam maheshwari

Who is the first man won gold medal in Olympic?


Is the first country in Asia to get an Olympic Medal?


Has Samoa ever won an Olympic medal?

No athlete from the country of Samoa has won an Olympic medal. Samoa first participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games.

Who won the first Olympic gold medal in Singapore?

Singapore has never hosted the Olympic games