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Peter Beardsley

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Q: In 1987 Liverpool set a record transfer fee to bring which player to Anfield?
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In 1987 Liverpool set a then record transfer fee to bring which player to Anfield?

Peter Beardsley

What is the record transfer fee for an English player?

Andy Carroll to Liverpool from Newcastle united, £35 million pounds

What is the capacity of the Anfield Stadium from Liverpool?

Anfeild Stadium is a football stadium located in Anfield, Liverpool England. This stadium has 4 stands, Spion Kop, Main Stand, Centenary Stand and Anfield Road. Anfield open in 1884 and is owned by Liverpoll F.C., that stated capacity is 45,545. Record capacity is 61,905 well over the limit, in 1952 for the match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Plans to replace Anfield with 60,000 capacity stadium in adjacent ot Stanley Park were in 2002.

Who made his debut for the Liverpool FC in 1997?

Stan collymore signed for a record transfer million of £8 million

Which player scored 17 goals against Liverpool fc in the premier league?

The record goalscorer against Liverpool in the Premiership is Andy Cole, with 11 goals.

What is the world record poo?

in Liverpool

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who cares as Manchester city are now the richest club in the worldwith british record transfer fee player Robinho ! ! ! ! !32.5 million pounds for the record

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The earliest recorded transfer fee record was the £100 paid by Aston Villa in 1893 for Willie Groves.

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