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they are so important. Im fourteen year old and can not imagine living without playing sports. it provides a great way for kids to get up of the couch and do something. it keeps us healthy and active and promotes friendships. there are so many obiece people in northe America today so parents really need to promte healthy choices for there kids

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Importance of sports n games- speech?

i want speech on sports and games

What football games for kids are available online?

Kids love to play all sorts of sports games. There are sports video games that are quite popular too! One online football game that kids enjoy is called FlagBall. It is available as an app.

Describe the need and importance of officiating in sports and games programs?

Wow! That game's rules!

What cable company does Nickelodeon games and sports for kids come on?


What is the importance of sports in national development?

Importance of sports and it national development

What is the Importance of sports to children in schools?

the importance of sports in schools are that they keep the kids happy and on taskand ready for school . Like me I have ADD and soccer keeps on track because it=stimulates the brain and it also comes you down some what.=

What is the importance of sports and games?

There are physical benefits that result from the participation of sports and games. Physical activity decreases the incidence of obesity. Players also learn team work and cooperation.

What is the importance of sports and games explain briefly?

iit just life ............. iit just life .............

Importance of games and sports speech?

By playing games person remains active, games help them to overcome from the problems related muscles and bones that's why everyone should be engage in some sought of sports activities always.

What is the importance of badmiton in sports?

thers not much importance

Do sports help kids to stop playing video games all day?

not if its a sport game ;)

What is the Importance of math games?

teaching your children or students in a funner way Well that's not all of it some importance are how you make the game fun and how you it your kids learn.

Do more kids play video game or sport?

In the U.S., video games are played for more person-hours, by kids, than sports are.

Breakdown of sports played by kids?

most sports are played by kids !! :P :)

When was Sports Illustrated Kids created?

Sports Illustrated Kids was created in 1989.

What adult sports magazine publishes an edition for kids?

Sports Illustarted publishes a Sports Illustrated for Kids I believe :]

Describe Energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance?

describe energy balance and its importance in relation to sports performance

What is recreation?

sports or what people do with their free time. example: kids play video games here in America.

What games do kids play in Mexico?

kids in mexico play whole lot of things like pac-man yo-yo or for sports spccer

What happens when sports are not given importance?

Then they're just not given importance.

What is the Importance of team spirit in sports?

The importance of team spirit in sports is that it helps to get teams pumped up during games. If a team is down at the end of a game, sometimes a bit of team spirit for their teammates is all that is needed for a team to turn the game around.

How many kids play sports in America?

About 30 million kids does sports in America.

What is the importance of sports in education?

Sports usually improve educational results.

How many kids get injued in sports without a sports trainer?

A lot of kids but mostly the kids that play the sport wrong.

What kind of sports do French kids play?

They play numerous traditional card games and also played. Soccer