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No. They will hit the ground at the same time. The inertia for the heavier ball will be greater, but the acceleration for both will be the same, and both would (if the air resistance is the same for both) hit at the same time.

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Q: Imagine an experiment in which a 16lb bowling ball and a 10lb bowling ball are dropped from the fifth floor at the same time The heavier ball will reach the ground first?
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Which is heavier a bowling ball or a astronaut?

a bowling ball is much heavier than a astronaut under the action of gravity

What is heavier than a bowling ball?

A car?

How do you use the word heavier in a sentence?

John said, "The bag was heavier than it looks.""A bowling ball is heavier than a feather."

What is heavier a ton of feathers or a ton f bowling balls?

They equal the same

What is heavier a bowling ball with holes or without holes?

obviously a bowling ball without holes, how could something with less material in it weigh more

Why are bowling balls heavy?

So the ball can pick up more speed. For example, if you drop a feather on the ground, it takes a longer time to fall than a heavier object, such as a notepad. A bowling ball is heavier to gain speed faster.

What object has greater density a balloon or a bowling ball?

There's going to be a greater density in the bowling ball, because its ALOT heavier and isn't hallow like the balloon.

Which of this object that has more inertia Bowling ball or tennis?

Since the lightest tenpin bowling ball is currently 6 pounds and a table tennis ball is not even an ounce, the tenpin bowling ball is heavier.

Is your weight the same everywhere?

no in bed its heavier and on the moon it gets lighter... do an experiment.

Why is it easier to stop a soccer ball than a bowling ball?

It depends on how fast they're going. A bowling ball is much heavier, therefore has more momentum if they're both travelling at the same speed.

What happens if a bowling ball is over 16?

Over 16 pounds? It wouldn't be legal for any sanctioning organization - neither the PBA nor the US Bowling Congress allow heavier-than-16-lb balls.

If a bowling ball and a baseball are rolling at the same speed which one will stop first?

Aaah, I think you might be up to something with this one. The easy answer of course would seem to be that the lighter 5 kg bowling ball will be easier to stop moving compared to the heavier 10kg bowling ball. However, let's say that both balls are moving at a speed of 30 mph. If the heavier 10kg bowling ball is rolling alone on pavement, while the lighter 5 kg bowling ball is also moving on pavement, at the same speed, but in the front seat of a delivery truck! Well then, my money would say that the heavier ball would actually be the easier one to stop moving.