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Q: Im 5'7 100 pounds im 15 cant kick for what would be best fight sytle for you?
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Would an air condition best be weighed in pounds or ounces?

an air conditioner would be best weighed in pounds

Would a CD best be weighed in ounces or pounds?


Who would win a fight tupac or biggie?

NO they would never fight there best friends fo life dawg

Who would win in a fight iron ma or war machine?

They're best friends they would never fight who are you a dummy

I am 5'2 what weight should I be?

The best weight would be between 118 and 130 pounds for a girl. The best weight would be between 139 and 152 pounds for a boy.

Would a zebra be best weighed in pounds or tons?

Use pounds as a zebra would be some fraction of a ton (2000 lbs)

what would be the best unit to use to measure how heavy a couch is?


The best shield for fight caves is?

The best shield in my opinion for the fight caves would be the DFS but if your going cheap then def the granite shield all the way

What would be the best unit to weigh an elephant?

Pounds or tonnes

Who would win in a fight floyd mayweather or mike tyson?

Mike Tyson would win with ease not even a fight when mike was in his prime no one could beat him he is and was the best.

How is cancer best described?

I would best describe it as soldiers being hypnotized to fight their own buddies.

What better pounds or dollar?

That really depends on where you intend to spend your cash, I would sugest British pounds would be better in Britain, Austrailian Dollars would be best in Australia and so on.

What weight class do you think is best for me to fight in for MMA 170 or 185 i am 5'9 and weigh 190?

At 5'9" you should be at 170 pounds...guys at 185 are all 6'0" plus. That kind of reach advantage can really get you in a lot of trouble. Unless you are really built and don't have a lot of fat to burn off. I 'm 5'5" tall and weigh 190 now...but if I was to un-retire and fight professionally again...I would be at 170 pounds for sure.

Which unit of measure would be best to measure a humans' weight?


Do you measure a baby chicken with oz or pounds?

Ounces would be best.

Would a badminton birdie best be weight in ounces or in pounds?


What would you do if you were about to fight your best friend?

I would just run away like I do not know whats happening.

My best friend got into a fight and didn't fight back am i wrong for not stopping the fight?

no because just because your best freind is a fight doesnt mean you have the ability to back them up but i would cuz it would be cool but people are different. no because if my friend got into a fight i wouldnt get in the fight even though thats my friend because thats her problem and you could get hit or her friend might jump in so no you werent wrong

How did people behave in the globe theatre?

rude and they would always fight to get the best view.they always fought to get the best view

What did vikings call there heaven?

Valhalla, where the best warriors went and they would drink and feast and then fight until they died then they would reappear in the hall to feast. This would continue until Ragnorak, their Apocalypse, where they would fight with Odin against Loki.

What metric unit would you use to find the weight of a golden retriever?

the best answer from me you can get is i would have to say measure it by pounds

How do you become a werewolf to fight demons for god?

The best way to fight demons for God is not to become a werewolf. Becoming a Christian would be a better way.

What is the best way to fight a fire?

the best way to fight a fire is to pevent it.

What is the best laptop under 300 pounds?

I would say Acer and Compaq laptops are the best under 300 pounds. For Sony and Dell the price is little low. Their price range starts from 375 pounds. They have more quality than Acer or compaq.

How do you solve a fight with your best friend?

If you are really best friends, then you would talk to her about it and hopefully forgive each other and be friends again.