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Kinda a tweener if you ask me. Too slow to play D-1 at linebacker which is what your size indicates, but not strong enough to play linebacker. Most linebackers can press 225 at least 15 times. You can get better at that though. Most linebackers can at least run a 4.6-4.7, but that is generally too slow in the Big Six automatic qualifier conferences. Most all linemen can run as fast or faster than 4.9 in D-1 at 275+ lbs. I would certainly concentrate on getting faster. Fullback may be a good option or even tight end. If you try out and are good enough, coaches will put you where your best chance of success is.

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Q: Im 235lbs and 6ft2 Bench press max is 10 Reps 225lbs and my 40 is a 4 9 Im a sophomore in a D1 College and wants to tryout for the football team i just want to know what position is best for me?
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