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Q: If your son is very proficient at both offense and defense in hockey and wants to play the game at the highest level which way should he focus?
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How can you win a game of hockey?

you should have a powerful defense and a good offense. score lots of goals and you should do ok

What are the positions in floor hockey?

In hockey there is 4 positions. Goalie, Stays in net and keeps the puck out of the net. Technically consitered defense, commonly called a goal tender. Defense, near the back of the play. Tries to keep the other team from taking a shot. Is responsible for keeping the puck in the offensive zone and getting the puck out of the deffensive zone. There are 2 defensemen on the ice at a time. Center, usually is a fast player. Helps out on defense and offense. "takes" faceoffs. Winger, offense. Forward. Their goal is to make shots and goals on the other teams net. 2 wingers on ice at a time, left wing and right wing.

What are the main positions in a hockey game?

Left Wing Center Right Wing Defense Defense Goaltender

What is an aggressive ice hockey defense player called?


Who is highest goal scorer in international hockey?

Sohail Abbas, from Pakistani hockey team.

What does w mean in hockey?

"W" could either stand wing (offense) or the net.

Who plays offense and who plays defense in field hockey?

The people who play offence(attacking) are:Centre forward,left and right wing and sometimes the inners. thee defence side are:left and right fullback,left,right and centre halves and the halfback

Who plays hockey?

I've played Field Hockey for almost six years. I LOVEit.I'm a defence player/ goalie.It truly is the best sport ever played on the earth.

What is the highest score for India in field hockey?


Who is the highest rank in w company?

major hockey

Who is the highest rated player on ESPN fantasy hockey?

Fantasy Hockey is like fantasy football where people create their own teams and play games. The highest rated player on ESPN fantasy hockey is Alex Ovechkin.

Is there a sports word that starts with z?

Zamboni is a hockey word. A Zamboni is a machine used to clean the ice at a hockey game. Zone defense is a term on basketball, football and hockey.