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relax your legs by massaging them or putting them in hot water. And start working out the legs afterwords so the muscles hurt less and less

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Q: If your hamstrings are sore after basketball practice what should you do?
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What should a person do if they have a running sore or issue in their body?

visit their doctors or nurse practice or go to the hospital to be checked out

What happened to my wrist?

I hurt my wrist falling in basketball and it is very sore. What could it be?

What muscle will get sore from doing too many situps?

The sartorius muscles extending from the front of thigh around the knee,the hamstrings,the calf muscles-Achilles tendons when overworked by too many sit ups produce lactic acid that makes the muscles sore.

Is the art of dance a sport?

YES!!! DANCE IS A SPORT!!! you should see how many crunches and push ups we do. i just had dance practice, and boy i am SORE!!!

If you practice a skill while you are tired or sore will your skill decrease?

Of course

Why do hamstrings become sore?

Lactic Acid forms in the muscles as a metabolic by-product of intense muscle use. The resultant lactic acid (CO2 Buildup) in the muscle causes a delayed onset muscle stiffness/soreness.

Are your fingertips supposed to get numb from guitar practice?

If you are doing it right they will. They also will be sore and start to callous.

Would a man's penis be sore because of not being circumsized?

No. It might be more sensitive, but should not be sore.

Should you put heat on a sore back?

Yes you should it helps the pain I have a really sore back too and the heat pack is really helping

Is it safe to use an ear hearing aid when I have an open sore within the ear?

You should not use a hearing aid when their is an open sore. Allow the sore to heal.

What is a good sentence for sore?

When I finished baseball practice, my back was so sorethat I couldn't sleep well that night.

Should you be Worried About a Canker Sore?

yes yes