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Q: If your father was a pirate would you become a pirate?
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How do you become a pirate on Dragon Fable?

to become a pirate you have to talk to a pirate near the sea and talk to him and click on become a pirate.

Why would you want to become a pirate?

So you can get the booty!

When did James Cook become a pirate?

i dont think he did become a pirate...

How are why did Henry every become a pirate?

HOW DID henry every become a pirate

How did Annie bonnie become a pirate?

annie bonnie was never a or become a pirate. she was a/is fox musketter who wanted to help pirate to fight,and be in pirate's crews.

Did sir Frances drake become a pirate?

He was not a pirate for the British but was a pirate for the Spanish.

How did blackbeard become a pirate and where?

Blackbeard became a pirate in 1702 and he became a pirate by sneaking on a pirate ship

Why did Grace O'Malley become a pirate?

Grace became a pirate because her family had become bankrupt

How would one become a space pirate?

By eating 50000 red crayons.

Why isn't Jack Sparrows father a pirate king?

I think that Jack Sparrows father use to be a pirate king but when he got older he "retired" and became the keeper of the pirate code.

When did Mary Read become a pirate?

she became a pirate when she was 19

Who was the first girl pirate and how did she become a pirate?

mary read

When did jack sparrow become a pirate?

Because his dad is a pirate

How did Grace O'Malley become a pirate?

she said i want to be a pirate and then she was

How did Anne Bonny become a pirate?

she jumped on a pirate ship and turned into oneAnne Bonney became a pirate when she met "calico Jack" who was also a pirate. He would eventually recruit her as a "undercover" pirate because females weren't really pirates.Because Calico Jack stole her from her husband and she agreed to be a pirate after

How did you become a pirate captain?

By meeting apirtae asking them to join there crew, kill them become the pirate and get a new crew! lol

How did Mary Read become a pirate?

Because she accidently jumped on a pirate ship

How did the pirate blackbeard become a pirate?

he was a commercial shipsman in the 17th and 18th century.

How did blackbeard become a pirate?


What is a pirate's son called?

depends on what the father names him

Why did Tom Sawyer become a Pirate?

He wanted to

When did black Bart become a pirate?


Can a white man become a pirate?

sure, why not

How does one choose to become a pirate?


Why did paulsgrave Williams become a pirate?

because his buddy samuel bellamy wanted to be a pirate so he went too

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