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When you hit the ball twice in one stroke, you must add a penalty stoke. Which makes that original stroke become two.

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No, no penalty. Just watch out. It is a one shot penalty if you hit the bag or equipment with your ball.

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Q: If your ball strikes your club face in mid air after your original stroke do you incur a penalty?
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Drivers who are convicted of speeding incur a penalty.

In golf if you take your stnce against a tree bush and knock some leafs of do you incur a penalty?

The key thing is, if you are playing a stroke and hit the tree then continue your swing and hit the ball then there is no penalty. If you are taking a practice swing and knock a leaf off then one shot penalty.

What does the term wet feet in golfing mean?

I have no idea how the term originated (but would be interested to hear theories), but if you have "wet feet", it means you have teed up in front of the tee markers. If you actually play your tee shot from there, you will incur a 2 stroke penalty in stroke play and you must replay your shot. In match play, there is no penalty, but your opponent may ask you to replay the shot.

What activities would incur a federal tax penalty?

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When a player has addressed the ball outside a hazard and has grounded hisclub then has a practice swing first is this deemed as a penalty stroke?

You have made the distinction between, in the hazard and outside of the hazard, because of course, you can not ground your club in a hazard. If you address the ball but step away and take a practice swing there is no problem. You only incur a penalty if you knock the ball with the club and it moves. Also, a stroke is only deemed to have taken place if you make a genuine attempt to hit the ball.

Do the rules of golf allow the use of a towel to keep grips dry while hitting a shot?

No, you can not do this. You would incur a two shot penalty.

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Joyriding or unauthorized use of an automobile is a serious crime. It is a felony in Michigan and can incur a jail term up to five years.

Are you penalised for hitting but not damaging a branch on you practice swing?

You need to be careful in this situation, if you hit the branch but do not break it or dislodge something it is fine. If you do break the branch or dislodge it you will incur a penalty.

How do you find a lost golf ball?

You can ask for help to find it from your playing partners or any spectators. You just carefully look for the ball however you must not touch the ball or you will incur a penalty stroke. You can use your club to move parts of bushes or long grass etc to help you look for your ball. You have 5 minutes from the time you arrive in the area you believe your ball is to find the ball.

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