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Q: If your a swimmer is it normal to shave your arms?
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Is it normal for a man to shave his legs?

Yes. If he's a swimmer.

Dose Justin Bieber shave his arms?

Yeah my bffl does shave his arms lol :)

Do women shave their arms?

if their arms are REALLY HAIRY they shave them if their not hairy then no they dont shvae them.

Are men supposed to shave their arms?

Nobody is "supposed" to shave anything. But if a man wants to shave his arms, then he should feel free to do so. If he doesn't want to shave his arms, then he shouldn't have to. The choice is his own.

Do models shave their arms?

Some models shave their arms. Model, swimmers and body builders all tend to shave their arms. It is personal preference unless the photographer asks you to.

Is it weird to shave your arms?


Where can you shave?

women's can shave under it's under arms

Do girls like guys who shave their arms?

Personally, I think that that is gross but that's just my opinion and I can't speak for all girls.Answeroooof, how can any girl like that... AnswerIt's not that having shaved arms is a turn off, its that a guy would care about their appearance enough TO shave his arms that is a turn off. Don't do it unless you've got a real excuse, like if you're a swimmer.

Do girls shave under their arms?

no they not

How do you get hair off your arms?


Should girls shave their arms?

It all depends on what the girl feels comfortable with. But there is certainly no "need" or pressure to shave the arms.

What do you need to shave when you are a swimmer?

Many male swimmers shave their legs, armpits and chest hair to glide faster through the water.

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