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The Cy Young award is given to the best pitcher in Baseball, so if you won this award you would continue to play as a pitcher.

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The Cy Young Award is given to pitchers.

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Q: If you won the Cy Young award in baseball what position would you play?
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What baseball player won more games than anyone else in mlb history yet never won Cy Young award?

That would be Cy Young. The award, named for him, was not created until the 1950s, long after he retired and passed away.

Who won the AL Cy Young Award in 1957?

From 1956 to 1966 there was no difference in AL and NL Cy Young Awards, only one pitcher would win in those years. Future Hall of Famer Warren Spahn on the Milwaukee Braves won the Cy Young Award of 1957. He was 21-11 with 3 saves, an ERA of 2.69 and 111 strikeouts. He was the first left-handed pitcher to win the award.

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