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4,500 meters is about 2.8 miles.

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Q: If you swim 4500 meters how many miles did you swim?
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How many meters will you have to swim to equal 1.2 miles?

If you're talking statute miles and not nautical miles, you'll have to swim approx. 1,931 meters to go 1.2 miles. In nautical miles, the answer is closer to 2,223 meters.

How far is a 1500meter swim in miles?

1,500 meters is approximately 0.93 miles.

How long will it take you to swim across a lake that is 900 meters across if you swim at 1.5 miles per minutes?

It would take you 22.37 seconds to swim 900 meters at a pace of 1.5 miles per minute. This is completely impossible because no human can swim 90mph!

How far can a duck swim?

A duck can swim many miles a day. It is approximated they can swim up to 10. However, if a duck is going longer distances, they typically fly.

If you swim 200 yards how many miles did you swim?

0.114 miles

How many miles does a whale swim daily?

It varies by species, but on average, a whale can swim anywhere from 50-100 miles daily. Some species, like the humpback whale, may travel even greater distances during migration.

How many meters will you have to swim to equal 1.5 miles?

2414.016 m 1 mile = 1609.344 meter 1 meter = 0.00062 mi

How many meters do navy seals swim under water?

5.5 miles (you only do it once though its a pass/fail obstacle

How many laps in a pool is one mile?

66. 1650 yards is a mile. 500 is 20 laps. 100 is 40. 1650 is 66 ;)

If you swam 400 meters how many yards did you swim?

400 meters = 437.45 yards

Which is the best estimate for the length of a table?

200 meters * * * * * Clearly answered by someone who does not know metric measures or has not seen a normal table. It s more likely to be 200 centimetres, or 2 metres.

How many meters can an olympic swimmer swim without turning?