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Q: If you save the ball in basketball are you allowed to touch it?
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Is a basketball player allowed to save a ball from going out of bounds by throwing the ball to himself?

Yes...they must have 2 feet in bounds first

Can you save the basketball from going out of bounds And be the first to touch it?


In basketball can you save the ball when the other people are shooting?

well there is only one ball in play in a basketball game so if someone else is shooting you cant save the ball from going out of bounds but you can save the ball from going in the hoop by blocking it.

Why do basketball players roll the basketball on the inbounds?

To save time as the clock doesn't start until someone touches the ball.

Does a water polo goalie have to touch the ball for it to be a save?

yea as long the ball doesn't pass the goalie everything is fine :]

What is one armed save?

a one armed save is when someone saves the ball with only one hand. normally that's when someone can't get to the ball with two hands, so just to at least touch it, they'll stick out an arm to try and save the ball.

When the ball is inbounded in basketball and the player lets it bounce when does the five seconds to inbound the ball end?

The clock ends as soon as it is inbounded so Save that doesn't matter.

How do you save an online picture into your ipod touch camera roll?

Touch the on-line picture and hold then a few buttons should appear on the screen. These are them: Copy¬Save Touch SAVE then it will automatically save the picture in either the Camera Roll or the Photo Library. Happy picturing!

How do you save the game Hotel Dusk on DS?

*You can only save if you're not talking to someone. On the bottom of the screen there is a journal icon. Touch it, then touch the Save/Load option. That's it.

What is the plural of save?

The plural of save is saves. As in "the goalkeeper saves the ball".

Can you use your feet in volley ball?

Yes, you can. FIVB rule 9.2.1 states that the ball may touch any part of the body Not to mention I'm watching the National Semi Finals and they (UCSB) just attempted a kick save

How to get twilight pics on the iPod touch?

Well, there's two ways. 1. If you get internet access on that iPod touch, then search it. When you have a picture you like you can touch it and press save or whatever the 'save' option is. 2. You can go on the computer that you sync the iPod touch to and save pictures of twilight on that. You do know how to save the pictures on the computer, right? Assuming you do, you could save them in the folder that you have the pictures that get synced to the iPod. Did that help?

Did Jesus touch ground in Lions den to save Daniel?

Jesus did not touch the ground but sent an angel to stitch the lions mouth., to save Daniel.

Is it okay to touch her during class?

No, save that for home

How do you save the game on Pokemon white version?

Press X, then touch Save on the bottom screen.

Can you save your pictures from ipod touch?

You can sync pics from your computer with iPhoto, and if you use Safari or Mail on your iPod touch, hold down a photo and click save image.

Can you save or write essays on a iPod touch?

yeah in the notes.

How do you save sonic and Sega all-stars racing on the iPod touch?

You should hit the save button

How do you save your game in Chinatown Wars lite for iPod touch?

You can't save in the lite version of the game

How do you save the ball from going out of bounds in nba 2k11?

Press X running towards the ball.

What is a save in volleyball?

A save is when one of your players gets a hard ball into play. For example, if the opposing team spikes the ball onto your side and a backrow player dives for it and gets it up to the setter, that is considered a "save". Basically, your "saving" the ball or "saving" your teams butt : )

What is the best poke ball to catch Reshiram?

quick ball works and ultra balls but if you want to be sure you get it save your master ball

How do you save on the go playlists on the ipod touch?

hum that's the problem with the touch: you can't save on the go lists on it, you have to wait till you sync it and then you can make a new one!hope that helps =)

How do you get a luxury ball?

you have to save the rich lady at the resort gorgeous

What is it called when the goalie prevents the ball from entering the goal?

A save.