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Q: If you quit college football can you still attend the university?
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Are NFL players required to attend college?

NFL players are not required to attend college. Still, it is quite difficult for a football player to gain the skills necessary to play in the NFL without playing college football. Still, a few European soccer players have been kickers in the NFL.

Could you still be a dentist if you study in a community college or do you have to study in university?

You can start your studies in a community college, but will need to finish at the university level, as well as attend Dentistry college.

Can you still go to college if you attend an online high school?

Yes, he can still attend college. As long as he has a high school diploma and takes the SAT or ACT he will be okay.

Is Crown University a legitimate college?

The answer is still - NO, IT IS NOT!

If you have a GPA of 2.5 can you still attend college?

Of course! I got into a fairly decent college with a 2.8.

Do you have to attend college in order to be an actor?

no not if your still young if you want to go to college that's fine but no you do not have to go to college

Who are Rutgers rivals?

The university has historic rivalries with Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Princeton University and Columbia University (formerly King's College) originating from the early days of college football. Rutgers has a men's basketball rivalry with Seton Hall University and has developed growing rivalries with the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University in all sports. The university's longest active football rivalry is with Navy (dating back to 1891). This rivalry stems from Navy and Rutgers being two of the only three programs (the third is Army) to come out of the original, informal "Ivy League" that are still members of the top tier of NCAA college football (currently Division I-FBS).

Can you still play college football after tearing your Acromioclavicular Joint?


What is the record for consecutive pat's made by a kicker in college football?

Matt Hogan--University of Houston 2011. 78 PAT's in one season and still going.

Can you wear a plaster cast and still attend football training?

Yes, but that depends on where the cast is.

Can children over 18 still receive social security if they attend college?


Why are college footballs different from NFL footballs?

Because the professional football and college football need distinct difference also players are still growing. College football is development and it is easier to fix throwing mechanics with a smaller football than with a bigger football.

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