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Q: If you play AAA hockey do you play hockey in college?
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What do you have to do to make a college hockey team?

play hockey. goto college. make the team. do your best. play for team

Is AAA hockey elite hockey?

Yes, AAA is considered elite amateur hockey. Youth hockey leagues tend to be rated by age and skill level with AAA being the top level.

How can one go about joining the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League?

The Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League is a Hockey Quebec Junior "AAA" ice hockey league and is a member of Hockey Canada and Canadian Junior Hockey League. A person must be a professional hockey player to join the Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League.

Can girls play college boys hockey?

Then why would it be called "College BOYS hockey"?

What is the age limit to play college hockey?

18 years old to play hockey

When was Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League created?

Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League was created in 1988.

When was Manitoba Midget 'AAA' Hockey League created?

Manitoba Midget 'AAA' Hockey League was created in 1985.

What are scouts looking for in a hockey player who wants to play college hockey?


What percentage of New England Prep School hockey players will go on to play Division one college hockey?

about 5% will play D1 at the college level.

How do you get into the NHL?

you have to play hockey through university or college and play for a junior team or in the WHL (western hockey league) and you get drafted from there

Do you need hockey pants and hockey shorts?

I am a AAA hockey player, they do not require us to wear hockey shorts, but hockey pants are a neccesity.

Where could you find a Bauer one95 mini hockey stick?

at aaa hockey tournaments

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