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its not illegal just pretty stupid

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Q: If you live in an apartment is it legal to shoot the trees with a paintball gun?
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When was the first paintball gun made and by who?

It was made for marking trees

What was invented by a lumberjack?

paintball was invented by lumberjacks they shot or marked the trees the got drunk and shot each other and paintball was born

What trees are best for climbing?

smoke trees, shoot threes

Where do trees roots grow?

from the shoot/stem

Who invented paint ball?

It originally started with forest rangers marking trees with paintball guns

What did the first paint ball gun cost?

If you truly want to purchase a gun you must buy one that is actually worth buying. Logical but some people make the mistake of buying cheap useless guns. Price range you want to look for is $150 and above. If this is to high do not play paintball because once you get into buying compressed air, paintballs (not cheap), and mask its going to cost you a little extra. Suggestions for guns: If you play in the woods- BT, Tippmanns. (Arena)- any ion at a good price with a halo hopper. Hopefully this helps. Playing in the woods is so much more fun and its totally worth the money if you truly enjoy it. If you are not sure go rent a gun at your local paintball store and plays some games and see how it goes. Paintball is not a cheap sport.

Why were paint ball guns made?

The original paintball markers were used to mark trees for the lumber industry.

Can you shoot a squirrel with a pellet gun if they aer distroying your property?

we have squirrels in backyard they are distroying pair trees and peacan trees ,is it loegal to shoot a squiirrel with a pellet gun?

What kind of paintball gun was used in the movie Gotcha?

This is a Nelson 707. It was made originally for marking cattle or trees and was later adopted for the earliest games of paintball. It is the predecessor to the Nelspot 007 marker.

Where was paintball guns invened?

Paintball guns were originally invented for the logging industry to mark trees, and to mark cattle. They were originally invented in the late 1970s. The very first paintball game was played in 1981 by twelve friends in a 100acre field in New Hampshire, USA.

How was the paintball gun originally used?

It was originally used for marking trees that needed to be cut down or property lines.