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No lifting weights will not affect your height growth

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2009-06-12 15:08:24
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Q: If you lift weights will you stop growing?
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Will you stop growing if you lift weights?


If you lift weights at 13 years old can that stop your growing?


Do you stop growing if you lift weights at a young age?

No, that is a myth. Weight training will not stunt your growth. However, that does not mean that it is advisable before the age of about 16.

Does height stops if you do push ups?

no push ups and any other workout will not stop ur height. only if you wre 2 lift heavy weights thn u would stop growing.

I'm Eleven and I'm quite tall and strong. I want to do weights but Im afraid I'll stop growing. Is it ok to lift weights when your eleven?

I'm 13 and I've been lifting heavy weights for a year and it hasn't stunted my growth so you will be fine

What bird can lift the heviest weights?

Birds do not lift weights.

Run before lift weights or lift weights before run?

Run first so your warmed up. Then lift weights

Should you drink your Protein Shake before or after you Lift Weights?

after you lift weights

Is it true that if you start lifting weights at the ag of 13 - 15 that you can stop growing?

No way!

Can people stop growing taller by lifting weights?

People do not stop growing by lifting weights. It was believed that weight lifting damaged the growth plates and stunted growth. It CAN happen, but only with very heavy weights, such as sets of 3-5 reps. They say no one should do HEAVY weights until they are 18, or fully grown.

What happens when kids lift weights?

It could injured the body, but does not stunt or stop the growth of the person

How do i gain muscle without using any products?

Lift weights :-) Lift weights :-)

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