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You are playing Badminton.

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Q: If you hit the birdie what sport are you playing?
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Related questions

In what sport is a birdie hit back and forth across the net?


What are sayings in the sport of badminton?

Watch the Birdie! Watch the Birdie!

What sport is there a birdie?


What sport uses a birdie?


What sport could bring a birdie on?

well, in golf you can get a birdie...if that's wat u mean

What you hit in batmiton?

You hit the Birdie...

What is the thing that you hit the triangle with called?

A Birdie ka ka ka ka like a birdie...birdie

In what sport can you score a birdie or an eagle?


In which sport can you score a birdie?

Golf. Golf.

Which sport would score a birdie?


What popular sport uses a birdie?

Also called a shuttlecock, the birdie is used in badminton.

What is a badminton racquet?

a badminton raquet is the peice of eqiupment that people (that are playing badmintom) use to hit the birdie/shuttlecock. - Chow

What are the different skills needed for playing badminton?

Hit the birdie over the net, out of the reach of the other team but within the boundaries.

What sport is a point scored by the server when an opposing player allows the shuttlecock to hit the playing surface?

The sport of badminton.

What you hit in badminton?

A ShuttleCock or birdie

Why do you need good cardiovascular endurance in badminton?

Yes, because you need to get the Birdie, to hit the birdie, and to jump to get the Birdie.

Birdie what sport?

Golf. lol No, It's Badminton.

In which sport can you score birdie eagles albatross?

All scores in golf.

How can you not hit a badminton birdie out?

corn dog

What is the use of racket in playing badminton?

So you can hit the birdie. If you dont have the racket then you cant play!! One of the materials that u will need

When did Tiger Woods hit is first birdie?

when he was 2 he was hitting 500 balls a day. his first birdie came when he was 3.

What sport could you score a birdie on?

Either bowling,swimming,tennis,or golf

Can you hit the birdie twice per side?


A good title for the game badminton?

Hit the birdie.

What are the materials used in playing badminton?

Two rackets, a birdie/shuttlecock, and a net are used in playing badminton.Two rackets for singles; Four rackets for doubles, a birdie/shuttlecock, and a net are used in playing badminton.