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No, a force does not count as a hit and the batter's average will go down.

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Q: If you hit into a force out does it count as a hit?
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Is it a hit if the runner running to 3rd base gets tagged out but there is no force?

No. This would be a fielders choice and would not count as a hit for the batter.

Does HBP count as a hit?

No, a hit by pitch does not count as a hit nor as a time at bat. There is a special statistic kept for hit by pitch.

Does a sacrifice count as a hit?

No, a sacrifice does not count as a hit nor as a time at bat. There is a special statistic kept for sacrifices.

Is the underemployed workers count in labor force?

Yes, underemployed workers count in the workforce. As long as a person is working, they count.

Does being hit by the pitcher count as a walk in fast pitch softball?

No it doesn't count as a walk it counts as a hit by pitch or HBP.

Does an RBI count as a hit even if you get out?

It does not count as a hit but it doesn't count against you either. When a sacrifice is scored it doesn't show up in the hits or outs.

How do you find copy count on Canon MF5750?

Push Menu and then # to get into the service menu. Then hit arrow down about nine times until you see Count on the display. Hit Set a few times and it will give you the total count.

Does a caught fly ball count as a hit in softball?


When you hit the cue-ball in and then you hit a colored ball in does it count?

Hitting the cue ball in is a foul referred to as a scratch. The colored ball does not count under most Rules.

When the bases are loaded and 2 out a ball is hit to SS The runner scores before the SS throws the batter out Does the run count?

No the run does not count. An out at any base would be a force out and no runs can score, If the runner scored and the third out is made because a runner is called out on an appeal play such as failure to retouch on a fly ball out or a runner missing a base the run would count

What is does newton's third law have to do with soccer?

If you hit the ball with force of 10N, it will "hit" you with the force equal in magnitude but opposite in direction.

What are some examples of sports that use force?

Badminton - Force required to hit the shuttlecock Tennis - Force required to hit the ball Football - Force required to kick the ball Rugby - Force required to throw/kick the ball