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No, if you go to an art school, you certainly cannot play intramural sports at a different four year university. In order to play a college level sport, you must be registered and a student at that specific school.

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Q: If you go to an art school can you play intramural sports at a different four-year university?
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How do you use intramural in a sentence?

Intramural means to occur within a certain school or organization. That school's athletic program is intramural to only that school.

Use intramural in a sentence?

The formation of the intramural sports team has been a blessing to that school.

Can a Division 1 athlete participate in an intramural sport at his school if it is not the sport he actually plays for the school?

Yes, unless the school's intramural sports department has a rule prohibiting it.

What is a sentence using intramural?

After we finished class, we went to the intramural game between sophomores and freshmen. Intramural sports are usually an extension of the school's Physical Education department.

What is the difference between varsity and intramural and club sports in college?

Varsity is the team you play for when facing another school. Intramural is the team you play for when you face teams of the same sport with only students in your school.

Best theme for high school intramural?

Experience is the best teacher

What is a competition among schools called?

Competition between teams from different schools is called intermural sports and competition between teams from the same school is called intramural sports.

What is the best theme for school intramural 2012?

Higher, Stronger, Further Together

What is the prefix for outside?

The usual prefix is inter, as in the difference between intramural sports - those played by teams all of whom are part of the same school - and intermural sports, played by teams from different schools, which is to say, those which are outside of the school where you are.

How do you spell intermirel?

There are opposite terms:intermural - between different schoolsintramural - occurring at one school

What is intramural basketball?

It's a basketball league at a high school or college made up of players who don't play for the school's team.

What is a sentence used for intramural?

I have been looking for a sentence for school and still can't find one!

What is the difference between a business school and a university?

A business school is usually part of a larger university, just as a medical school or law school is usually affiliated with some university. Universities will have several departments or schools focusing on different subjects.

Is NYU a religious school?

New York University is a diverse school with many different deities and beliefs laced into its population. However New York University itself is not a religiously school. New York University does not have a religious association.

What is the essence of having intramural in the activity in the school?

it is very imp0rtant factor to the student because this is an opportunity to the student to enhance their capability to sports and academic.

What does intrastate mean in real terms?

"Intrastate" means "within the boundaries of that state", as opposed to "interstate" which means between two different states. Schools would often have athletic events between different classes in the same school, which were called "intramural" games. "Intra" means "within".

Is Webster university a good school?

Its the perfect school, it has different things just like Potter Thomas 😁

What is the meaning of intramural?

1. Involving only students at the same school or college: intramural athletics. 2. Within the walls, boundaries, or enclosing units, as of a city, institution, or building. 3. Anatomy. Being within the substance of a wall, as of an organ. 4. Involving or understood only by members of a single group, profession, etc.: an intramural medical conference.

What has the author William W Scheerer written?

William W Scheerer has written: 'High school intramural program'

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This depends on the school requirement code. Every school has a different one.

What year was volleyball added to school and college physical education and intramural programs?

1896 - Springfield College had the first game of "Volleyball".

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