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Q: If you get two yellow cards are you out for the next game?
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Does a yellow card carry over to the next game?

A yellow card carries on to next game until group stages...Two yellow cards in successive game means you are banned for the next game....

What do two yellow cards in the same game mean?

You get a red card and you can't play the next game. For example Frank Lampard got two yellow cards, then he can not play the rest of the game nor the next so if England was against America in the game Lampard got two yellow cards he can't play the rest of that game and the next game was against Algeria Lampard can't play that game either

What does it mean when you get two yellow cards during a soccer game?

When you have two yellow cards you got a red card and you exit the match.

How many yellow cards to get a red card?

two yellow cards = one red card one red card = out of game

How many yellow cards can you get per game?

Two. If you get a second yellow card, you are sent off.

What is the yellow card limite?

If you get two yellow cards in a game, you get a red card and sent off the field.

How many yellow cards do you get in 1 game?

You can get none, one or two. If you get two, you are automatically sent off.

European cup-can yellow card ban you from next match?

You must get two yellow cards followed by a red card to be banned.

How many yellow cards before you get a suspension in the championship?

If you get two yellow cards you are sent of.

What do the cards in soccer mean?

In soccer a yellow card is used for a minor foul. If you get two yellow cards in one game, you are given a red card. If a red card is given the player has to leave the game and a substitute has to enter the playing field.

What is the yellow card during MLS games?

A yellow card is a caution, It is given out at the referees discretion for malicious fouls or dissent. Two yellow cards in 1 game equals an ejection for the remainder of the game and your team must finish a man down. You also are subject to a game suspension. Yellow cards also add up throughout the year and can result in game suspensions.

Which Mali player received two yellow cards in the Ghana vs Mali match during the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations?

No one. Only Ghana player Isaac Vorsah received two yellow cards in the game for the third place.

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