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If the offense recovers the fumble and advances it beyond the original first down line, yes, it is a first down. If the ball is not advanced past the original first down line then the next play is the down after the one that the fumble occurred on. For example, if a running back fumbles the ball on second down and an offensive line man recovers the fumble but does not advance the ball beyond the original first down line, it is then third down.

If the defense recovers the fumble, then it is an automatic first down wherever the player that recovered the fumble is downed.

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Q: If you fumble the ball in football is it first down if you pick it up?
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When a player loses control of the ball in football and falls down is called?


What is a fumble in football?

A fumble is when the ball comes out of the players posession before he/she is down. If the fumble is recovered by the opposing team, it is considered a turnover and the posession of the ball changes.

Can a fumbled punt recovered by the kicking team be advanced down the field?

Yes the football can be advanced by any team Incorrect - the defense cannot advance a fumble in high school football. The play is blown dead upon fumble and the ball spotted where the change in possession occurred.

In high school tackle football how far does the football have to go to be considered leagal?

Legal for what? It has to be moved ten yards to establish a "first down" or a new set of downs. This occurs after a kick off return, a punt return, an interception, a fumble recovery, or when the ball has been moved past the first down marker.

If the ball is fumbled and rolls past the first down marker is it a first down?

A fumble is down when the recovering player is down or when the ball goes out of yes, if the ball is fumbled forward and recovered by the offense, or goes out of bounds, past the first down marker, it is a first down. The exception is on fourth down. In the NFL, only the player who fumbled the ball can advance it on fourth down.

If a quarter back fumbles the ball but doesn't go down does it count as a sack?

No it does not. A fumble is a fumble, while a sack is a sack.

Is a reception in the end zone followed by a dead ball fumble still a touch down?

First, there's no such thing as a "dead ball fumble." A ball must be live in order to be fumbled. Also, once a ball is possessed by the offense in the end zone, the play is over and there can be no fumble. If you're referring to a situation where a fumbled ball is blown dead by the referee, the only question is whether the ball was actually caught in the end zone. If it was, then a touchdown was scored which ends the play, and thus no fumble. If it was not a valid catch, then the pass was incomplete -- no fumble. The only situation where a fumble would nullify a touchdown would be if the ball was caught and then fumbled BEFORE crossing the goal line.

What is a sentence with the word fumble in it?

He got down on his knee and began to fumble in his pockets for the ring.If you fumble with yourself in class once more, your parents will hear of this.I fumble around the drawer for my passport.

Can you throw the ball after a fumble?

Yes you can throw a football after a fumble as long as it is fumbled behind the line of scrimmage and it is the only forward pass of the play. Each offensive play is allowed only one forward pass. A ball advanced beyond the line of scrimmage may be passed or fumbled backward behind the line and then legally thrown forward as long as the feet of the passer are behind the line when he throws the ball and it is the first forward pass during that play. .

Can a player running the ball touch the ball to the ground to steady himself without going down?

If the ball touches the ground, the runner is down. This is why 'the ground cannot cause a fumble.'

If a player recovers a fumble by laying on it knees on the ground is the play dead or can he still run the ball?

The rules concerning when a player is 'down' are different between college football and the NFL. In the NFL, a player must be 'down by contact' for the play to end, therefore, if he were to recover a fumble while on his knees he would be able to get up and run with it as long as a member of the opposing team did not touch him while his knee(s) were on the ground. There is no 'down by contact' rule in college football. Once a player in possession of the ball has a knee (or elbow) touch the ground the play is over. The player would not be allowed to get up and run in college ball.

Who used the first soccer ball?

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