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whoever the paintball broke on first would be out.

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Q: If you fired 2 paintballs at each other under exact same conditions what would happen?
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What is a paintball hopper?

the top of the gun where the paintballs are stored to be fired.

Can you freeze paintballs?

Freezing paintballs make them brittle. And will likely break wen fired, spraying paint all down the barrel of the gun :(

How longdo paintballs go in the air?

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What is ramp PSP?

Ramp psp is a firing mode for a electronical paintball. It is a firing mode which is activated from the macro switch detecting 5 paintballs being fired per second and will register as 13.3 paintballs fired per second.

Are fired paintballs washable?

They are not necessarily washable, but you can take a towel shirt etc. and kinda wipe them off.

Can you use 68 caliber paintballs on a 50 caliber gun?

No. They will be too large to fit in the gun or be fired out of the barrel.

Do electric guns shoot paintball?

Electric guns use a battery to allow paintballs to be fired faster then their mechanical counter parts. You still need an air tank to operate them.

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