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By school do you mean high school or college?

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Q: If you dropped out and then came back to school could you play sports?
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What would you do if schools dropped sports?

If your school drops its sports you could write a essay/letter to the principle/financial advisor. Say something about how it helps keep kids fit. You could also mention different ways to raise money for the sports programs. You could also start a petition for the sports program to be brought back. First make sure that you are allowed to do so. Once you have enough signatures give it to the schools main office

Can you go back to college after you have dropped out twice?

You can go back to college after you have dropped out twice, three times, or multiple times. Dropping out has no bearing on whether you can go back to school.

Can you be eligble for fall sports if you missed almost a year of school and came back to school for a quarter?

Yes, you would be eligible for sports if you missed a year of school.

What do you do on sports day in secondary school?

kick back

When did Dave Pelzer graduate?

In an interview with BookBrowse, Dave Pelzer is quoted as saying, "Of all the things I wish I could go back and change, I would have never, never dropped out of high school."

Why did monet drop out of school?

claude monet dropped out of school when he was twelve. He was bullied for being a terrible artist and he couldn't take it anymore, he then came back to school when he was twenty

What would you do if you were homeschooled and then went back to school and dropped out and you are now almost 20 and is that too old to go back to school for two years and what would people think?

Most school districts have a night school program to allow dropouts to get their GED.

Where did les paul school?

He didn't. He dropped out of hghschool. Never looked back at it as a failure. He's right.

If someone was in college athletics and dropped out in the first year can that athlete still come back to school and compete later Or would you have to redshirt to save those years?

If you ever played for that team you need to be redshirted for the years you remain in the school. If you never played and then dropped out, you could return and play at anytime. If you play one season and then drop put, I am not sure. It is not common for an athlete for drop out and then return.

What is Lisa lopes education?

Dropped out of high school. Her mother forced her to go back & she got a GED.

Am I eligible to play varsity sports if I had to move and enroll into a school but not participate in any sports for two months and then go back to my old school?

That depends on the rules of your school. I expect that if you are any good as a sportsperson they would welcome you in whatever.

Can you go back to high school if you dropped out as a sophomore?

Depends on your age I believe Lansing/Michigans limit is 24 or 25.

If you did not finish school do you have to pay back the full loan amount?

Of course you do, unless you dropped out and actually got refunded. Otherwise its your own stupidity or misfourtune for not finishing school.

What would happen if you dropped a hamster on its back?

If you dropped a hamster on its back it would go into shock.

Did tyler perry finish high school?

He dropped out at age 17 and went back to get his GED. And after that he's been making plays !

Where did Irving Berlin go to school?

He only went to school up until the age of 13 dropped out went back for two year and but never learned how to read or write music

What sports did Ray Rice play in high school?

Ray Rice played football in high school. He was the primary running back at New Rochelle HS.

What sports can a Dachshund do?

I'm not sure of any sports but I do know that back then they were bred for hunting badgers. That's the main reason there so long to go into the badgers hole. If you do find some good sports (just to help you) watch there back because the bones in there back if you hold them the wrong way like bending there back alot you could injure there back and as they continue to go and for the rest of life even for grown dachshunds.

What types of sports did they play in ancient rome?

They mostly had blood sports like sparring and fights to the death in ancient rome. They did not have advanced sports like lacrosse or soccer back then. Hope i could help

What did Rosa parks do after she graduated from collage?

Rosa Parks didn't go to college. She went back to school at the urging of her husband Raymond to get her high school diploma. She had dropped out of school to care for he sick grandmother, then her mother and wasn't able to finish her education.

At what age can you get your license if you dropped out of high school at the age of 16 in Georgia?

18. In Georgia, if you dropped out of high school, you can't get your license until th age of 18. Also, if you miss too many days (over 10) they take your license & will not give it back until you are 18. Personal Experience. :\

Is the fuel pump on a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 accessible under the back seat or does tank need to be dropped?

It is under the back seat. You could always drop the tank, but that is the hard way to get to it.

What is recovery time from septoplasty surgery?

I recovered and went back to sports in around two weeks. I went back to school in like 3 days. I had the surgery where they put spilts in them.

Was lady gaga in any extra activities in school?

yes she did she participated in sports and chess club. You see she was more of a geek back then.

Who was the persident when the bomb was dropped?

The atomic bombs were dropped in the Truman's administration back in august 1945.