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I don't know about cool, but you are in your right mind.

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Q: If you bat left handed in softball are you cool?
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If you bat right handed in softball are you cool?

Just as cool as if you bat left handed.

In softball which hand do players catch with?

For right handed people they do catch with their left and throw with their right. For left handed people, they catch with their right and throw with their left. Both players have to potential to bat from either side of the plate.

You are a left-handed thrower but you bat like a right-handed is that bad or unnormal and Should you train to bat left or is it too late?

There is no appropriate category for this question. If you throw left handed and bat right handed you are giving up the advantage of batting left handed against right handed pitching. Since there are more right handed pitchers and it is supposed to be an advantage to bat the opposite hand of the pitcher it would be a good idea to work on batting left handed. Don't stop batting right handed though as this is an advantage against left handed pitching. From what country are you?

Is there a left handed bat?

No. they are all the same

Is Jackson Rathebone left handed?

Jackson Rathbone is not left handed, but he learned how to bat left handed for the baseball scene in the Twilight movie.

What hand did Stan the man pitch and bat with?

He batted left-handed and threw left-handed, but he signs autographs right-handed.

Did Derek Jeter ever bat left handed?

No. Joe DiMaggio was right handed.

Does CC Sabathia bat left-handed?

Yes he does.

Is jacory harris left handed?

yes,he is a lefty.i saw him bat left handed.and i think i saw him throw left handed.

Can you hit right handed for one pitch and then left handed for next pitch?

No, you can at your next at-bat.

Did ricky Henderson bat lefty?

No, Henderson threw left handed but batted right handed.

Is there a lefties baseball bat or are all the same?

Left handed and right handed hitters use the same bats.