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Assuming you haven't lost the match because of that serve, you will serve next (again).

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Q: If you are playing badminton and if you serve it out of bounds who will serve next?
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Which has the Largest playing area from the following sports netball tennis badminton basketball?

Basketball, without a doubt. Next comes netball, then tennis, and finally badminton.

Is there any good indoor badminton court in Pune?

Love playing Badminton? But don’t know which facility is close by? Don’t worry! We’ve got you sorted. ‘The Life Sports’ offers 4 Badminton courts in Pune, which can be booked for one or multiple sessions. The Badminton courts at ‘The Life Sports’ in Pune are approved by World Badminton Federation. So next time whenever you want to play Badminton, visit us and book a Badminton court in Pune easily.

When playing badminton why is it important that you do a cool down?

It is advisable to cool down because it enables you to prepare for the next shot accurately and approximately to get a good goal

When and where is the next championship in badminton?

August, 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia

If i am serving in a double game and i lose my serve does my partner serves next?

NO!Playing doubles is a 'team game'.One team gets to serve and then the other - alternating sides.

What does OB mean in golf?

This stands for out of bounds. It is an area of the golf course or off the golf course which is not in play. If you hit your ball out of bounds, you cannot play your next shot from there, you must re-hit your shot from the place you originally played from. There is a one shot penalty for hitting out of bounds.

Ball out of bounds play provisional ball?

Yes, if you think you have hit your ball in play out of bounds you must play a provisional ball from the exact same spot as where you played the previous shot from. However, if you know the ball is out of bounds the next ball you play becomes the ball in play.

What comes after 3 off the tee if you hit this shot out of bounds?

Well, hitting out of bounds is a one shot penalty and you hit the next one from the same place. If you hit 3 off the tee OB, then the next one would be 5 off the tee and 6 from the fairway or rough etc.

What does bring in the next remove mean?

It means to serve the next course in a meal.

What happens in golf when you hit the provisional ball out of bounds?

There may be some local variations to speed play, but generally the penalty is "stroke and distance." This means that you add a penalty stroke to your score and hit the ball again from where the original ball was struck. The player has the option of hitting a provisional ball as well.

What are all the different types of service in badminton?

There are four types of badminton serves: low serve, high serve, flick serve, and drive serve. The angle of these serves can also be varied: straight, wide, or at the receiver. hope this helps :)

How much strokes does an out of bounds in golf cost you?

The penalty for hitting out of bounds is one shot, and you need to play another shot from where you played the original, so effectively it is two.If you hit you tee shot, 1st shot, out of bounds, add one stroke penalty, 2nd shot, them you are playing 3 off the tee, and therefore 4 from the fairway or rough.