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You could be....take a test! Good luck!

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Q: If you are expecting your period and you have a 25 to 29-day regular cycle and you feel vaginal cramps and sore nipples on the 29th day can you be pregnant?
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Can you get pregnant right after vaginal infertility?

If you are infertile you can not get pregnant and I'm not sure what you mean by vaginal infertility. When you have your period you can get pregnant too although it is rare.

Can you get vaginal discharge and get pregrant?

Having vaginal discharge does not prevent you from getting pregnant. It will not expel the sperm. It is not a way to determine whether or not you are pregnant. You can have discharge at any time, pregnant or not.

Can females with vaginal discharge get pregnant and deliver normal baby?

Every woman has vaginal discharge. It is mroe noticeable when pregnant. Yes you can have a normal healthy baby when having vaginal discharge.

Is it normal when you get a discharged when you are pregnant?

Yes. Your vaginal discharge increases when you are pregnant.

Do you still have vaginal discharge when pregnant?

Yes of course. The discharge is the vaginal cleaning system.

Does your vaginal fluid change when you are pregnant?

Hello - The cervical mucus becomes more consitent and more regular and the amount you lose increases every few days.

Can women get pregnant from woman's vaginal fluid?

No. Only sperm can make you pregnant.

Is vaginal pumping dangerous when you are pregnant?

yes it is.

Could you be pregnant and have vaginal bleeding?


What is the erectile part of the female organ?

The vaginal lips, clitoris. Also the nipples.

Can you use gynotran vaginal cream if you are pregnant?

could i use gynotran vaginal cream during pregnancy

Does vaginal discharge continue to be present when pregnant?

Yes it does. Vaginal discharge is quite a lot during pregnancy.

Can a woman get pregnant from pre-ejaculate even if it is only at the labia?

No it has to be inside of her or directly at the vaginal opening vaginal.

If a girl suckyour penis does she will pregnant?

No, she can only get pregnant through vaginal intercourse not oral.

Can girl get pregnant by touching her vaginal surface?

No you cannot become pregnant from touching your vagina.

What can a girl do to get pregnant?

Have vaginal intercourse and especially when you ovulate.

Is vaginal hole is the right hole to get pregnant?


What is a kwif?

A vaginal "fart". Sudden release of air out of the vaginal canal. Sounds almost like a regular fart.

Can you have a 1 day period and still be pregnant?

Yes you can experience vaginal bleeding and still be pregnant.

My boyfriend ejaculated on my buttocks can I get pregnant?

If no sperm came in contact with the vaginal area, you can't get pregnant

Is it bad if your nipples hurt and you have vaginal discharge?

The combination is tricky. See, discharge is normal unless it stinks, is yellow or green. About your nipples could be something else, better get correct information from the doctor.

Can a virgin get pregnant if sperm got on her vaginal opening?


What is a sure of not getting pregnant?

Sterilisation or not having vaginal sex.

When a girl is pregnant is her vaginal fluid thicker?

slap slap

How long does vaginal bleeding last if your pregnant?

two days?

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