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You dont swing because theres a greater statistic that it will be a ball than a strike. And if it is a strike then you will still only have one and get more chances. You have to make the pitcher pitch as many pitches as possible.

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Q: If you are batting and you have 3 balls 0 strikes what do you do?
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How many balls and stricks in a softball game?

3 strikes. 4 balls.

How many pitches can there be to a batter without an out?

six...3 balls and 3 strikes, or 2 strikes and 4 balls.

What does a full count mean when said by the empire in softball?

When an umpire calls a full count, that means the batter has 3 balls and 2 strikes. A full count (3-2) is the highest number of balls and strikes a batter can get before he is either awarded a base (on balls) or is out (on strikes).

How many balls and strikes in a full count?

In baseball, this is when the batter has a 'count' of three balls and two strikes. It is called a full count because the batter cannot get another ball or strike without the at bat ending ... one more ball will cause a base on balls (walk) and one more strike will be a strikeout.

What does 3 and 0 mean in sports?

In baseball, it would mean three balls and no strikes. In postseason play, it means having a three games to none lead. For example, the A team is 3 and 0 against the B team in the championship series.

When does adding have to do with softball?

IF YOU CAN'T ADD, YOU CAN'T PLAY. Just simple stuff generally, don't worry. 9 innings, 3 outs, 3 strikes, 4 balls, batting averages, other averages

When is a walk in softball ordered?

When a batter gets 4 balls before she gets 3 strikes.

How many balls in the tenth frame?

3 if you get two strikes or a spare. otherwise, only two.

Longest streak without a base on balls?

3 balls and two strikes. Depends on how many fowl tips as a variable. But number of day's I have no clue

How many strikes equal and out In softball?

in baseball 3 in basketball 0

What Comes first balls or strikes?

When the umpire or TV announcer calls the ball and strike count, the balls come first. If you hear the announcer say something like "The count on the batter is 2 and 1" this means there are 2 balls and 1 strike.

In the last frame of bowling do you get a chance to bowl a total of 4 balls?

In the last frame you get a chance of bowling 3 balls. You can get three strikes, a strike and a spare (a spare is two balls) or a spare and a strike.